Only an Hour with Hourglass Rollers: A Rollersetting Review

As a rollersetting enthusiast I have long been tempted by Vented Hourglass rollers. What some call Ethiopian  or conici rollers I called a challenge.

 IMAG1432 IMAG1435

I placed an order Thursday with and Monday I had a package of brand new rollers.

In this experiment I :

  • Started with freshly deep conditioned hair
  • Used no setting/holding product
  • Used only my fingers to part and detangle
  • Used no end papers

I skipped many steps  to judge the true performance of the rollers less products.

I deep conditioned my hair with aubrey organics honeysuckle rose for 2 hours without heat.

IMAG1413  IMAG1416

Once rinsing I applied a leave in conditioner and sectioned my hair into a Mohawk pattern.Because I only used my fingers to part my pattern was off, but for the bun I plan to where that was okay with me.


I decided to skip the end papers to test the website’s claim the rollers did not snag hair. I smoothed my hair with my fingers as I rolled and I must say the texture of the rollers gripped my hair tightly the first revolution. There was no slipping. No hair sliding off the roller. Just even, thorough tension. Made rolling a breeze.


I continued to roll my hair down the center and then the back sections followed by the front. The rollers fit comfortably. And while it may not look like it: my hair is in sections.

I used duck bill clips to secure the rollers and finished rolling in a about 30 mins. Not being super precise dramatically cut down on my rolling time. IMAG1430

I then sat under the dryer for exactly 60 mins.

To my shock, amazement, awe and sheer surprise my hair was completely dry.


This is a huge improvements from my two hours with grey magnetic rollers.

I was thrilled with my greatly reduced dry time and the results.

When I unrolled the rollers weren’t stuck to my hair. In fact when I removed the duck clips many rollers fell out by gravity alone. Each roller formed strong ringlets.


I was impressed how well the rollers straightened my ends. From previous post you may know i have had an issue with my ends staying curly, but not with these rollers! The rollers did leave behind a slight indent, but the pattern dissipated quickly.

I finger comb the ringlets and was rewarded with:

Without flash

1 IMAG1450_BURST002

With flash

IMAG1456 IMAG1453

I am very happy with my results and plan to incorporate my normal holding products and parting routine my next set. I will say the rollers also caused no noticeable breakage!

Challenged accepted and accomplished!


16 comments on “Only an Hour with Hourglass Rollers: A Rollersetting Review

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    • I have seen these rollers used in small sizes with similar tension straightened results. I have them in two sizes and love them both. They are also having a mother’s day sale you may want to catch!

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  4. I was soooooooo happy to learn that this hourglass hair rollers are available on EBay & Amazon.

    Btw your hair looks amazing.

    Thank you

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