Naked Nails: Ruby Stone’s Disappearing act

I feel like Ruby Stones have gotten harder and harder to find. The last 3 Sally’s beauty Supply stores I have been to no longer carry the item.; even thought  it is still available on their website .

I had two Ruby Stone nail files, but one ran away and the other broke!


I didn’t even know they could be broken, but the file met a fatal fall from off my kitchen counter and never came back to life. I still use it, but it is much more difficult than normal.


I tried replacing Ruby Stone with   another crystal/glass file found at Sally’s  ASP Crystal File. The file looks very nice & is comfortable to hold, but is of a lesser quality than the Ruby Stone.

The ASP Crystal file was dull after just a few uses and wore out quickly like many glass files. I even had to return it to store because the texture just rubbed off with me touching it! Essentially this file is a waste of money.  


No substituting the original.




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