You can always go home again and likely things will be just as you left them.  Or so I discovered on a recent trip to Jersey.

When thinking about my lack of friends I have to ask myself : what happened to all my friends?

What happened to my colleges friends?: relocation for job/education opportunities, spouses, or they quit drinking.

I can live with that.

What happened to my highschool friends?: Nothing.

Now I believe post 23 high school has no place in conversation, but there I was back in Jersey and thinking why not dust off the phonebook and rekindle old times.

Call me old fashion. Call me nostalgic. Call me depressed.

My friend from highschool, K, is exactly as I left her when the windy city wind carried me west.

Same living situation, same shit guy shit situation, same “ one of these days I’m going to” situation same everything. It seemed nothing had advanced but me. Was I being pretentious or did the small town get even smaller

The latter.

I seriously thought she was going to ask me to go on myspace so little had changed.

I felt bad. We used to be such good friends and suddenly there was nothing there. I kept defaulting to lecture mode and felt preachy. She squirmed under the weight of my lecture, but continued to solicit my advice and claimed “ she never thought about it that way.”

I guess it proves true that sometimes people grow apart and, less cliché, sometimes you are right to search out for more.

Have you had a ” i need to keep expand” moment when it came to friendship/relationships?


Some things never change, but should


Glitter on the go: NOTD

After scrolling through some lovely nail pictures it seems glitter makes any manicure a go.

I am over glitter polishes at the moment because removal can be a pain.

My solution was to add some easy to remove glitter steaks.

So here is my glitter and Square Hue Mother of Pearl  from the May 2013 Madonna collection




Happy polishing


Vegan Polish?: Earth Friendly NOTD

I never considered Vegan nail polish. I mean does diary or pork fat hide in my nail polish?

I’m unwilling to search what animal by products are typically in nail polish and instead I will celebrate my new find SpaRitual.

I stumbled upon these shimmery bottles in Tj Maxx and for 3.99 I couldn’t fight the feeling.

ImageThis is currently one of my favorites. Meet SpaRituals Strength Diamond Shimmer.This color has a shimmer that just won’t quit, but is soft enough outside of natural light that it is not over powering. The color also goes on smooth–no big glitter chunks here. This color stayed chip free for about week and when tip wear finally got to me the shimmer also you to slap on another coat. Basically this polish is great!ImageImage

This bright is called Spirit Child Shimmer, while the name is a bit lame the color is bright . It goes on like a jelly in a kind of rubbery blanket. The shimmer is more subtle, but does add a vivaciousness that is fun for summer. This polish also doesn’t bleed or run when removed so you can apply without the worry of red stains.



The final color I picked up was Mind Shimmer. This is the nude I have been hunting. This nude has just a hint–a tiny hint of shimmer that gives it some dimension as seen with the flash of picture two. So the color is not too boring like other near- invisible nudes and not pink. This nude is like a beige or tan that dries like a creme polish and comes alive with a top coat.

Thus far these polishes have proven high quality, low chip and super fun. Check them out if you are looking for some great, earth friendly polishes!



Unboxing the Salute Collection: SquareHue 7.13

This month’s box of color came July 5th. Quick considering the holiday, huh?

This month’s theme was clearly Patriotism. Let’s get to the colors



Valor is a green color and I have to be honest, I’m not in love with it. In the bottle the color looks to be a deep grey. However, it isn’t that simple. The Valor green is somewhere between the color of an old army GI uniform and dirt. The color took about three coats to become opaque and seemed dull. I could see it as a base color because it is so plain, but I was anxious to get it off my nails.

This color made me feel like I was playing in dirt.

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Namaste or Should I Go?

I can guarantee the man pictured is not me.

I don’t know the first thing about yoga. So when my lovely girlfriend suggested I do hot yoga with her, I didn’t know what to say. I eventually agreed and quickly realize that I had no idea what I would be getting myself into. Before getting into my hot yoga experience, I’ll give you brief background of myself. Chronic profuse sweater? Check. Flexibility of a lead pipe? Check.Balance of a boomerang standing on its side? Definitely, check.


When I first walked into the room I was blasted in the face with a wave of heat. I thought that this was going to take all of my energy to complete the full 90 minutes. I instantly began to feel beads of sweat form on my forehead. Which is pretty normal for me. The entire class laid on the ground to practice breathing and I followed suit. Surprisingly, I quickly adjusted to the heat. This was probably due to my body constantly being hot and sweaty all the time. I laid there and it was pretty relaxing. Little did I know that shit was about to get really real.

The class started off with some simple stretches and a long breathing exercise. Soon it turned into me folding and twisting my body in ways it was not built for. My plump, mushy physique was built for comfort and definitely not speed. Our instructor breezed through repetitive commands which stretched me out beyond recognition. I wish I could remember the names of the poses, but I was too focused on not falling on my sweaty face in front of everyone. I did, however, remember her telling the class to fold themselves like a “Japanese ham sandwich.” For the rest of the class I kept wonder what was a “Japanese ham sandwich,” and that led to so many more questions. Here are some of the questions that popped in my head as I popped my joints:

  • Does Trader Joe’s carry Japanese ham sandwiches? Am I willing to risk battling through their parking lot just to find out?

  • Is this a grotesque sex act I can find on urban dictionary? If not, should I invent it?

  • Is that what I’m smelling right now?

  • Is it too late to rename this blog to japanesehamsandwich.com? .org?

  • Does Japan even have ham?


Overall, I really liked the experience. I completed the full 90 minutes of balancing, stretching, and sweating.  Amazingly, I had an easier time than some of the others who were regulars. I felt proud of myself as I walked out of the studio. I wouldn’t sign up to do it for a month, but I would definitely go back again. Maybe once every few months. In the meantime I’ll go have myself a Japanese ham sandwich.