Hello Hair: Relaxed to Natural Journey

I never intended on starting a hair journey.

I never intended on becoming a DIY girl.

I didn’t hate my relaxed hair.

Yes I had relaxer burns, spent the entire day in the salon, paid friends to relax my hair and the like. I just considered it all apart of the process.

I always kept my hair in a collar bone length bob. I never wanted long hair. I never wanted curly hair. I just wanted straight, black hair. I had my beloved straight, black hair for 10+ years.

But when my sister called me and told me her dermatologist said  her scalp was inflamed and she nearly had alopecia as a result of relaxers I decided to take a break from relaxers. That was in [July 2010].

Initially my plan was to stretch my relaxers.

After about 4 months  I thought to myself “ What is the point? Either I am going to have deal with two textures all the time or I’m going to just grow it out.”

Grow it out is what I did.

I [transitioned for about two years], but I don’t consider myself a long term transitioner. I hid my hair everyday.

My curls started small and shrunken


I waited for my curls to grow heavy and fall


I gave up waiting and  started having fun with my hair and my hair grew and retained length. IMAG0774

It also grew bigger and fuller

 IMAG0877  IMAG0076

I started with no knowledge and gradually through online searches, books, and other bloggers have come to both learn and skillfully manage my hair. This section is my effort to give back to the community that gave me the knowledge to DIY. I’m a 4a/b, lo po, natural girl who mixes products, deep conditions, cuts, rollersets, styles from the discomfort of my bathroom



I Have A Stream – January: New Year, New Shows Part Duex

It’s still very cold outside and that means more hours to marathon TV shows online. Here’s another short list of quality shows to stream on Hulu. And, yes they are all British shows.

1. Doctor Who

I was overly pleased to see that Hulu has recently added numerous classic episodes of Doctor Who. Now there is a total of 368 episodes of the original series you can watch anytime you want. Sure the special effects are crude and some acting is over the top. However, it’s still as amazing as it is now. The complex stories and sense of adventure are what make this show great. I admit that some of the earlier episodes might take a little time to get used to, but it is definitely worth it. I recommend watching Genesis of the Daleks, City of Death, and Remembrance of the Daleks.

2. Luther

I never really got into cop shows that much, but Luther is an exception. I’m a fan of Idris Elba so I gave this show a try a couple of years ago. I instantly became hooked. Luther is the flawless combination of exceptional writing and acting. The only downside of Luther is that you keep wanting more after you’ve gone through all the episodes.

3. Come Fly With Me

Do you like comedy that repeatedly crosses the line of  what’s inappropriate? If you said yes, then immediately click the link above. That’s really all I have to say about this hilarious show.


Is Hue for you?: Square Hue a Year in Review + coupon code

After one year of membership I bring you a review of my year in color!

There is something irresistible about getting gifts in the mail—-even if they are from yourself.  Square Hue is one of the ( too many) monthly items I gift to myself. I originally subscribed to curb my tendency to buy shades at department stores, but I stayed subscribed because I ADORE the colors and the formula.


The Florida based company has no retail locations nor an option to buy  past colors. You sign up on their website and you are enrolled to receive a box of 3 full size hues each month. The colors are a mystery, but each month the company releases a promo photo to suggest the colors in the upcoming box.  The boxes ship the first week or last week of every month and shipping cost is built into the $21.00 per month price.

I have two minuses about the subscription:

  • I have to say sometimes I feel like colors overlap, but I think that is because after 36 bottles of Square hue, there are bound to be similar colors. However, the polishes come in a strong variety of styles: cremes, glitters, shimmer, hi gloss, even a holographic!  The colors also go well with the season, but with creativity can be used in any season!

IMAG1216 These two colors, received months apart, worked well for their respective season, but also worked well together;I think, anyway!

IMAG1171  IMAG1169

  • I will admit it is annoying to update your information. I wanted to change my payment data  and the only options are to email your credit card number or play phone tag with them until you can update via phone. They call back relatively quickly, but be prepared to leave a message. I believe they are working to improve this system. Besides that minor hurdle I have had no issues with SquareHue.


But all is forgiven because in addition to great colors the company also tries to do some good with your monthly payment  as they are currently involved in the A21 Human Trafficking Campaign. A portion of all sales are “donated for prevention awareness, the protection of trafficked victims and the prosecution of human traffickers,” according to the website.

I have been a member since January 2013 and love it. I would highly recommend subscribing and with a no commitment policy you can try, cancel, suspend, or fall in love without worry.

Each month I also post an “unboxing” of the collection so you can hue too!

If you are ready to enjoy one month at the limited-time introductory price of 14.99 including shipping


Be one of the first 25 people to use the code


to get 50% off your first box (the box would be $7.50 + $5S&H = $12.50 total for the first box)

happy polishing!



I Have A Stream – January: New Year, New Shows

Happy New Year everybody. After a long absence of IHAS I’m back with brand new recommendations for your viewing pleasure. I’ve decided to change things up a little. In addition to writing about Netflix titles, I’ve decided to include titles available on Hulu.

This week I’ll be suggesting TV shows to watch. If you live in Chicago, like me, you’re going to be indoors for the next couple of months. What better way to spend your time by discovering new and exciting TV shows. Here are a few British shows that I have thoroughly enjoyed.

1. The Wrong Mans

If you enjoy action-thrillers and comedy look no further. The show starts off with a case of mistaken identity and turns into six episode ride full of comedy and violence. James Corden gives a great comedic performance as always. I promise you’ll laugh and be hooked on this great show.

2. Misfits

After watching the first episode of this show I realized that this is easily one of my favorite TV shows ever. It’s about teens doing mandatory community service getting zapped by a mysterious storm that gives them super powers. It’s not your typical show about super heroes. It’s more like an anti-super hero show. On the other hand, Misfits might the most realistic super hero show. It’s dark, funny, entertaining, and very smart. I highly recommend it.

3. The Thick of It

Before he was The Doctor, he was Malcolm Tucker. A political spin doctor for the British government. This show a mix between The Office and The West Wing, but better and with F-bombs.  Hands down The Thick of It has the best one liners and rants that have ever been put into half-hour show. Also, check out the spin-off movie In The Loop.

Enjoy the shows and comment if you can. For those of you who like Doctor Who you’ll see a ton of familiar faces in these shows. Not including the obvious.


Reform the Door: DIY Coffee Table

When I’m not trying to make friends, I try to reaffirm  my current relationships and that has taken the shape of building a table!

You read that correct. The him and I salvaged an old door and got to work making the best coffee table pocket change could buy.

Step 1: Find your door

We started at Chicago’s Rebuilding Exchange. This spacious warehouse features everything from cabinets to sinks; windows to plumbing stuff; and yes, rows and rows of doors. They have retail hours throughout the week, but we attended a monthly event featuring local vintage collectors and DIYers. We found our door here for $20.00.  We picked a smaller door as to not overwhelm our couch/living room. Be sure to measure; not all doors are created equal.

We also looked on craigslist and while we found some doors, the Rebuilding Exchange had better quality, prices and a helpful staff that gave us a lot of confidence.

Step 2: Clean your door

IMAG0708 IMAG0707 IMAG0709

We wiped down our door with old rags. Above picture is what became the underside of our table.

Step 3: Select your colors and get painting

We picked colors to help highlight our chocolate brown couch.

We picked up two store brand  acrylic colors at Blick called blickrylic, for a total cost of $9.00.We selected a metallic gold base color called Metallic Brass  and a red top coat called Venetian Red.

IMAG0748 IMAG0752

We layered the metallic brass paint, as named by Blick, on in medium even coats. We completed two coats and left the door to dry outside overnight. IMAG0751

After the base coat dried we painted the door a deep red.

IMAG0758 IMAG0761 IMAG0763 IMAG0760

We layered the red on thick because we wanted it to be the dominant color. After three layers we allowed the red to also dry outdoors overnight. We did, however, do all the painting in our living room and the fumes were faint to non-exsitent.

Step 4: Sanding

This was admittedly my him counterpart’s favorite. We wanted our table to have a vintage look, so we buffed and sanded until our table was a bit distressed. We used an electric sander with a vacuum bag to catch most of the dust. An electric sander saved so much time and clean up, some sweeping required.

IMAG0808 IMAG0811

Step 5: Find your table legs

This was the hardest part. The Rebuilding Building Exchange had nothing in ways of legs, so the hunt began. We went through things like: metal braces, pvc pipes, wooden planks; everything we could think of. We even found a craigslist seller who makes tables and table legs, but they wanted 20 bucks a legs.

Everything was earlier not sturdy enough, not the right height, not the right price.

We decided to go to Home Depot to try our luck.  In the lumber department we discovered wooden beams that were typically used for railings. The lumber department cuts wood to request free with purchase so their we picked up what would become our legs. The beams were $3.97 per 8 feet; costing a total of about 8 bucks for the two required beams.

IMAG1149 IMAG1150 IMAG1151

While there we picked up a pack of wood screws, metal braces, in addition to renting a hammer drill to affix the legs. While we do own a drill we needed more voltage to penetrate the wood, so the hammer drill was necessary.

Step 6: Enjoy your table

IMAG0833-1 IMAG0831

We loved our table, but found we needed a cross-bar to make it more sturdy. So back to Home Depot we went where we purchases two more pieces of wood.

Before adding the extra support beam our table looked like this:

IMAG0827 Continue reading