In defense of mineral oil and other naughty ingredients

My hair broke up with mineral oil, silicones, and sulfates and the like many moons ago. Leaving the commonly thought to be naughty ingredients in my distant past, I had the  opportunity to get to know my hair.

I know my hair is fine. I know my hair loves protein, I know my hair is low porosity. I know how my hair hates shea butter. I know a lot about my hair, but why it frizzes has always been a mystery.

I have heard frizz is just a curl waiting to happen. Well it neither happened nor happened to get any better. Then my sister reminded me of an old salon favorite: silicon mix. Studying her quickly emptying jar brought me back to the days of flaming hot dryer and rat tails combs. I looked at the ingredients and they looked as bad as my relaxed hair:

Water, Mineral Oil, Cetyl Alcohol, Stearyl Alcohol, Glycerine, Citric Acid, Cetrimonium Chloride, Dimethycone Copolyol, Cyclomethicone, Keratin, Ceramide, Diazolidinyl Urea (and) Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate, Fragrance.


Yet I had a suspicion my frizz may be tamed by the added weight of the no-no ingredients. After much debate I spent 3.99 and took home my jar of rollersetting history.

To begin I decide the silicon mix would sit on top of my hair, so I better get some healthy stuff on inside my hair.

I rinsed my hair with warm water and shampooed with my beloved beer shampoo. I then deep conditioned under the dryer with a yogurt and cassia blend. After nearly and hour I introduced the silicon mix. I applied the thick solution heavily. I sat under the dryer for 30 mins. I rinsed and got to rolling!

I could immediately tell this rollerset was going to be different. My hair refused to get wet. It seemed to be coated in some sort of water replant. The spray bottle wasn’t working, so I resorted to sticking section of hair under the faucet.  My hair was well detangled from the yogurt mix, but it seemed attracted to the roller like never before.

As I rolled I could see my hair laying down and clinging to the roller. My hair wasn’t trying to curl. instead, for once, my hair was taunt to the roller.

wpid-imag2248.jpg wpid-imag2249.jpg

The difficultly getting wet helped during the dry time as my magnetic rollers were completely dry in 75 minutes instead of the 100-120 mins.

I am not sure what the long impact of the silicon mix will be, but compare the results and decided if the no no ingredients, should become ” sometimes” ingredients.

Normal setting results:


Typically my hair has a certain amount of frizz I attributed to my tight, natural curls. However the same technquie plus the silicon mix yielded the following results:

wpid-imag2261.jpg wpid-imag2255.jpg wpid-imag2250.jpg

I feel the silicon mix added a smoothness that allowed my hair to be more taunt and thus more stretched. What do you think are do all ingredients have a place in your hair care routine?


Giving an old ponytail new life

Each week there is time when the rollerset style is done, but re-washing isn’t about to happen. That is when the ponytail is born. Sadly my ponytail normally turns into a bun to hide how boring my hair has become.   However this week I gave the bun a break and tried to give my ponytail new life. Just as I did with my previous flexi rod set on dry hair  I decided to bust out the flexi rods. clipI pulled my hair up with a my extra cheap, extra wide banana clip. These things are great! I have different colors and sizes. I would highly recommend for stretched hair.   With the bulk of my hair pulled back I twisted my bangs as they hate any kind of tension. I then spilt my mound of hair and began to wind it around the  flexi rods that I can still find. I also took this opportunity to moisturize and seal amy ends. IMAG1888 IMAG1889   I left the rods in overnight. They were easy to sleep on because they were at the top of my head.   Before finger combing the curls: IMAG1890 IMAG1891-1   After finger combing: IMAG1893 IMAG1896 As you can see from the bumpit like volume, my ponytail was certainly more alive. What do you all think? Are flexi rods your friend?


Perserving the curl: Flexi Rods to extend Natural hair Rollerset

Readers know rollersets are my standards. I recently decided to dust off my magnetic rollers because I wanted a smoother look. But how to preserve the curl? This week I am riding the flexi rod train to smooth, lush hair.

To start I washed and deep conditioned my hair. After washing and deep conditioning, I applied my leave in and flax seed gel and then got my roll on.

IMAG1841I rolled on grey 2 inch rollers. I used duckbill clips to secure the rollers and snap on covers from another set of rollers to smooth my hair. This combination gets me the smoothest results, but extends the dry time.


I sat under the dryer for one 60 minute cycle, let the rollers cool for 20 minutes and went back under for another 40 minutes and let the rollers cool again for 20 minutes. In total that is 2 hours and 20 minutes of dry time.


The benefit of letting rollers cool ensures that your curl stays curled. Without cooling your hair is more likely to fall because while it is dry, it is hot and thus very malleable.




After those nearly 2.5 hours I was tired, but napping with magnetic rollers is a literal pain. So I unrolled and below are my results

IMAG1843 IMAG1844


I then busted on my flexi rods. I used a total of 6 rods, but have done a similar method using four. I am not sure as to the size of the rods, but if inquiring minds want to know I will gladly bust out the measuring tape.

I finger combed my hair to make one part down the center of my head. I then sectioned my hair into 6 groups and spiraled my hair onto the rod.

IMAG1848-1 IMAG1847

I place the smaller rods in the back to achieve both a tighter curl and a more comfortable sleep. I used no holding product and in the morning was greeted with:

IMAG1852 IMAG1854 IMAG1856 IMAG1859


I finger combed the results and wore my hair half up/half down


I have also done this in the past with similarly great results which you can see below


I then finger combed to achieve this look


How do you preserve your curl? How do you use flexi rods?


Stretching with Curlformers

So I’ve had these e-bay curlformers for about a year.

I swore off curlformers because while I found them easy and even cute they NEVER lasted more than a day. I moved away from my curlfomers in favor of traditional rollersets, however I wondered back to my curlfromers recently because the stretch they provide is ideal for a blowdry free flat iron.


I have the extra wide curlformers I purchased from an eBay seller RelaxSacks. I went to Sally’s and bought the genuine curlformers hook for about 5 bucks because the one that came the package was crap.

I sat under the dryer with a head full of curlfromers for 45 mins and then slept.

Sleeping was easy, Removal was easy. Styling was easy.

This is my hair after removing the curlformers

 IMAG1739-1 IMAG1734 IMAG1733

My hair was soft and well defined. Most importantly my roots were smooth. You can even see my scalp! Prior to instilling I did a hot oil treatment with Dabur’s Vikita oil. I credit this for the smoothness of my roots.


I then separated the curls somewhat and styled:

IMAG1741 IMAG1745 IMAG1742

I wore my hair in this style all day. Because I swore I was going to flat iron, I used no holding product. However after flat ironing half of one section and promptly gave up.

At the end of the day here is what became of the curls

IMAG1751 IMAG1750

They started to frizz, but I knew they wouldn’t last. Instead I decided to throw in a quick set of flat twist, so I could wear my hair down the next day.

Here are the flat twist I wore to bed and the resulting style

IMAG1752 IMAG1753

IMAG1758 IMAG1759


I had a nice curly bob look going with this twist and curl. I will likely bun for the rest of the week, but I am happy with my curlformer experience.

I will continue to keep them in the rotation as I look to spend less time under the dryer in the heat of the summer.



Preserving the Curl: Making Natural Hair Rollersets last

I have been rolling away since I got my hourglass rollers, but I have been looking for a way to get my curls to last throughout the week.

I can’t pin curl. I can’t pineapple. I can’t be bothered.

So I thought maybe I would try putting my hair in two pig tails and pinning the tails up while I slept. In an effort to measure effectiveness I rolled and smoothed the left side of my hair and left the right side in roller set barrel curls. I ponytailed and pinned and took pictures daily.

So follow me along the experiment and decide if the ponytails worked.

Step One: Roll

I used my hourglass rollers to rollerset my hair. And yes I see that big piece I missed–and no I don’t want to talk about it.

 IMAG1565 IMAG1567

Rolling went well. I used homemade flax seed gel mixed with aloe vera gel for hold after a yogurt and honey deep condition. My hair took an hour and fifteen minutes to dry. The pictures so my hair after drying.

Step Two: Unroll


The next step was to remove the rollers. I let my hair cool for 20 minutes and then removed the duck clips and unraveled each roller.

Step Three: Smooth/ Not Smooth


For step three I smoothed the left side of my hair. I did not smooth the right side. The idea here was to see if the curls longevity was influenced by smoothing.

I used my fingers to lightly comb through my hair and smooth the curls. I placed the smooth curls in a banana clip and pinned the loosed ends on top of my head.

On the opposite side I did not finger comb the curls but placed them in a banana clip pig tail  directly after removing the rollers. IMAG1582

I followed the same process for the next three nights and below are those results.

Day 1:

IMAG1586 smoothed side

IMAG1590unsmoothed side

Day 2:

IMAG1598Unsmoothed side

IMAG1594smoothed side

Day 3:

IMAG1604A picture of my very uneven part and ponytails

IMAG1601close up of the smoothed side in ponytail

IMAG1606smoothed side

IMAG1610unsmoothed side

After day three I wanted to switch my style, but it think pig tails helped the curls hold up well enough. Keep in mind I applied no products, used no combs, and no additional heat over these days. I think I like the smoothed side better!

So, are pig tails worth a try in your regime?


Only an Hour with Hourglass Rollers: A Rollersetting Review

As a rollersetting enthusiast I have long been tempted by Vented Hourglass rollers. What some call Ethiopian  or conici rollers I called a challenge.

 IMAG1432 IMAG1435

I placed an order Thursday with and Monday I had a package of brand new rollers.

In this experiment I :

  • Started with freshly deep conditioned hair
  • Used no setting/holding product
  • Used only my fingers to part and detangle
  • Used no end papers

I skipped many steps  to judge the true performance of the rollers less products.

I deep conditioned my hair with aubrey organics honeysuckle rose for 2 hours without heat.

IMAG1413  IMAG1416

Once rinsing I applied a leave in conditioner and sectioned my hair into a Mohawk pattern.Because I only used my fingers to part my pattern was off, but for the bun I plan to where that was okay with me.


I decided to skip the end papers to test the website’s claim the rollers did not snag hair. I smoothed my hair with my fingers as I rolled and I must say the texture of the rollers gripped my hair tightly the first revolution. There was no slipping. No hair sliding off the roller. Just even, thorough tension. Made rolling a breeze.


I continued to roll my hair down the center and then the back sections followed by the front. The rollers fit comfortably. And while it may not look like it: my hair is in sections.

I used duck bill clips to secure the rollers and finished rolling in a about 30 mins. Not being super precise dramatically cut down on my rolling time. IMAG1430

I then sat under the dryer for exactly 60 mins.

To my shock, amazement, awe and sheer surprise my hair was completely dry.


This is a huge improvements from my two hours with grey magnetic rollers.

I was thrilled with my greatly reduced dry time and the results.

When I unrolled the rollers weren’t stuck to my hair. In fact when I removed the duck clips many rollers fell out by gravity alone. Each roller formed strong ringlets.


I was impressed how well the rollers straightened my ends. From previous post you may know i have had an issue with my ends staying curly, but not with these rollers! The rollers did leave behind a slight indent, but the pattern dissipated quickly.

I finger comb the ringlets and was rewarded with:

Without flash

1 IMAG1450_BURST002

With flash

IMAG1456 IMAG1453

I am very happy with my results and plan to incorporate my normal holding products and parting routine my next set. I will say the rollers also caused no noticeable breakage!

Challenged accepted and accomplished!


Komaza Care Matani Hair Serum

[Product Name]: Komaza Care Matani Hair Serum

[Product Price]: $8.00

[Product Size]: 2 oz


[Product Ingredients]: Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, Dimethicone, Cyclomethicone, Phthalates-Free Vegetarian Fragrance.

[Product Directions]:Apply small amount to hair for shine and heat protection.

[Product Claims]:Heat can damage hair causing it to lose elasticity resulting in weak hair and breakage. This is a light serum designed to protect and restore hair from heat damage. It is not greasy so it will not weigh your hair down.

[Product Scent]: Hardly any. A light fragrance can be detected wen you pump it, but it fades by the time it hits your hair.

[Product Consistency]: Typical Serum. Clear and thick while still being running.


[Product Realities]: I wanted to love this, but my hair and I hated this. Why?

  1. How the hell are you supposed to get this out of the bottle? It is so far too difficult to pump this stuff. Between my wet hand, the small bottle and the tight spring nature of the cap it was far to hard to use.
  2. Did I get any? So little comes out at once that sometimes I couldn’t tell if I had actually gotten any product or failed to use enough pressure to force it out.
  3. Did my hair get any? This stuff did nothing for my hair. I expect slip and shine. I have gotten better result with just water. For having cones this product provided zero slip. I had to reapply in places in an effort to get the similar result to the cheap Sally’s GVP Super Skinny Serum.
  4. They are telling the truth when they say it won’t weigh your hair down. I used this in a rollerset and my hair reverted quickly and felt gross upon unrolling. It felt like an oil slick, with no slip with enough volume to make it looked like i teased my hair.
  5. No. Never. Not Ever

This was a huge let down. The hunt for my natural hair roller setting companion contuines.

[Shopping Experience]: Great shopping experience, but nothing would make me repurchase this product


Komaza Care Aloe My Hair Frizz Control Serum Review

[Product Name]: Aloe My Hair Frizz Control Serum

[Product Price]: 2oz =$ 5.00  8oz=$15.00

[Product Size]: 2 oz or 8 oz


[Product Ingredients]: Aloe Vera Juice (whole leaf), Aloe Vera (inner fillet), Copolymer, Coconut Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, Hydrolyzed Jojoba Protein, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein (low molecular), Provitamin B5 (d-panthenol), Polyquaternium-10, Citric Acid, Fragrance, Gluconolactone and Sodium Benzoate (natural preservative).

[Product Directions]: Start with palm size amount (apply more if needed). Rub hands together and use fingers as a comb to smooth through hair. Style as usual.

[Product Claims]: This serum is unlike traditional anti-frizz serums. It does not contain silicone oils which can increase frizz for curly strands. The texture of the Aloe My Hair Frizz Control Serum is a little thicker to assist in curl definition

[Product Scent]: Yummy. The him counterpart loves it. I love it. My co-workers even like it. It has a flowery scent that isn’t overly sweet. The smell lingers so you can smell it for about a day or two depending on how much you use.

[Product Consistency]: This is not like a traditional serum. It isn’t clear. It isn’t sticky. It isn’t tacky. It isn’t super coating. This product is a pale orange that pours out like a leave-in conditioner. It is entirely creamy like a conditioner, but a think more runny conditioner.

IMAG0690 IMAG0688

[Product Realities]: YES, YES,YES.

I didn’t know it when I ordered, but I needed this product. This product smooths my hair, both wet and dry, to unite my curls into a single pattern. It tames frizz better than gels I have tried and I can use it , without flakes, on both wet and dry hair.

Dry hair:

I have used this to smooth edges when bunning with wonderful result. I can dab this on my hair and tie it down for a few minutes and have hair that is soft, frizz free and flowing in one direction all day long.Though I have  ton of gels and gentle hold products in my stash this is one of the few that leaves no build up, no cakey feeling, and most importantly no crunch. With this my hair simple feels like hair.

Wet hair:

I originally bought this to use during my rollersets hoping it would cut down on the wooly look I often get as a result of having some shorter, curly  hairs the dryer blows all about. While not a traditional serum, the product smooths my hair and make detangling a bit easier. This product does not have tons of slip, but because it allows hair to clump , it is much easier to section and subsequently detangle.

You will still need a traditional serum or something for hold when using this to rollerset, but you it will cut down on the wooly look because more of my hair was clumped together on the roller. You can also expect  more moisturized, softer hair.

[Shopping Experience]:

Fantastic! I order and then realized I didn’t put in the promo code. They allowed me to cancel my order, so I could use the code. The shipping took about 3 business days and came just as ordered, No complaints!