BellaMantra: Cute headband Headquaters Review

[Name]: BellaMantra Cute Metal Headbands and accessories


[Product Price]: $18.00-25.00

[Product Claims/Information]:A great addition to any accessory collection and perfect for gifting!

The cutest brass stamping professionally plated in a silver ox finish and securely adhered to a 3mm (1/8″) silver plated metal headband with bent ends for comfort. The dragonfly measure approximately 2 1/4″ x 1/2″ (57mm x 13mm) and is formed to fit the curvature of the band which is flexible and very comfortable to wear!


[Product Realities]: The products come with great packaging: individually wrapped with a cute bow and all.IMAG0979

The headbands are adorable! The headbands are teeth free so they glide on smoothly with no snags. The bend at the ends give the headbands a snug fit that makes the hair toy feel secured and well fit. You can also tell the headbands are well made as they revert to original shape after you take them off.

The headbands are also very well made. The quality is expressed in the regal appearance of the  headbands. The detail on the feather and dragon fly I bought is very intricate. No one will confuse this for a Target purchase. Overall I love the touch of class and fun expression that came in this  small package.



[Shopping Experience]: The greatest! Now 25.00 dollars is a bit much for a headband, so I wrote the owner Jen, the owner, and asked her about discounts. She readily told me that she offers new customers a 10% coupon and would extended that offer to me! With my coupon code issued I purchased two items which arrived in about 4 days! I would definitely repurchase!

IMAG0981 IMAG0982 IMAG0932

Un Boxing the Coastal Collection Square Hue 11.13


Like the clock that jumped ahead this month square hue sprung something  new  on me that was quite the surprise. Rather than the earthy deep fall colors I was collection, Costal Collections, which arrived November 5th contained a trio of HiGloss cremes that where natural but not earth, fall but not dark and flirty and fun.


IMAG0886-1IIMAG0887s in the brown family. This pale brown needed three coats for complete coverage. Using two coats gave me nearly an ash brown that was light and functioned much like a nude. The third coat turned the creme much deeper into a bark like color .


The Second HiGloss creme i tried was Nantucket. This was my favorite from the collection this aquamarine type blue went on smoothly and was able to provide complete coverage in two coats. While I this color doesn’t scream November ( as I am sure no color really does it is very tranquil and would fit seamlessly into any season. IMAG0892-1


And Finally I tried Portsmouth. This cousin to Nantucket reminds you of the water in a different way, rather than that green blue this polish conjures up the idea of still water. This more placid blue wears well, but would do best with some nail art to punch it up.

I must say I am please with this box, some unexpected quality colors. What did you polishers think?


hot and cold with color all over: NOTD

Sometimes reading other blogs in combination with one click buying gets me in trouble.

While reading Hairscapes blog I came across her post about Nail Fabulosity. I went to etsy and checked out the indie brand and decided I wanted to try their Big PIMPkin color. My polish arrived promptly 4 days letter packed neatly and ready for wear.


The polish is an orange with big glitter rocks floating around. The polish is only orange when warm. When cold the polish becomes a green that is reminiscent of the green glow around Halloween ghost–a pale, translucent green.

Lets get hot and cold:


Two coats goes on quick and easy. The glitter even all laid in the same direction, which is rare for me.


The polish dried quickly in about five minutes.



In warm temperatures this thermal polish turns green. I wish I had more pictures to share of the green hue, but sadly it was difficult to capture.  The polish was green with orange glitter most of the time.


Even though I would have preferred to see the orange more frequently this polish made it fun to wash my hands and even hold cold glasses. The shift is subtle, so you can really watch the magic happen.

The polish also lasted about a week with Venique top coat. 

Overall this polish has great wear and was great fun. I would try more thermals from this brand!



Komaza Care Matani Hair Serum

[Product Name]: Komaza Care Matani Hair Serum

[Product Price]: $8.00

[Product Size]: 2 oz


[Product Ingredients]: Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, Dimethicone, Cyclomethicone, Phthalates-Free Vegetarian Fragrance.

[Product Directions]:Apply small amount to hair for shine and heat protection.

[Product Claims]:Heat can damage hair causing it to lose elasticity resulting in weak hair and breakage. This is a light serum designed to protect and restore hair from heat damage. It is not greasy so it will not weigh your hair down.

[Product Scent]: Hardly any. A light fragrance can be detected wen you pump it, but it fades by the time it hits your hair.

[Product Consistency]: Typical Serum. Clear and thick while still being running.


[Product Realities]: I wanted to love this, but my hair and I hated this. Why?

  1. How the hell are you supposed to get this out of the bottle? It is so far too difficult to pump this stuff. Between my wet hand, the small bottle and the tight spring nature of the cap it was far to hard to use.
  2. Did I get any? So little comes out at once that sometimes I couldn’t tell if I had actually gotten any product or failed to use enough pressure to force it out.
  3. Did my hair get any? This stuff did nothing for my hair. I expect slip and shine. I have gotten better result with just water. For having cones this product provided zero slip. I had to reapply in places in an effort to get the similar result to the cheap Sally’s GVP Super Skinny Serum.
  4. They are telling the truth when they say it won’t weigh your hair down. I used this in a rollerset and my hair reverted quickly and felt gross upon unrolling. It felt like an oil slick, with no slip with enough volume to make it looked like i teased my hair.
  5. No. Never. Not Ever

This was a huge let down. The hunt for my natural hair roller setting companion contuines.

[Shopping Experience]: Great shopping experience, but nothing would make me repurchase this product


Vegan Polish?: Earth Friendly NOTD

I never considered Vegan nail polish. I mean does diary or pork fat hide in my nail polish?

I’m unwilling to search what animal by products are typically in nail polish and instead I will celebrate my new find SpaRitual.

I stumbled upon these shimmery bottles in Tj Maxx and for 3.99 I couldn’t fight the feeling.

ImageThis is currently one of my favorites. Meet SpaRituals Strength Diamond Shimmer.This color has a shimmer that just won’t quit, but is soft enough outside of natural light that it is not over powering. The color also goes on smooth–no big glitter chunks here. This color stayed chip free for about week and when tip wear finally got to me the shimmer also you to slap on another coat. Basically this polish is great!ImageImage

This bright is called Spirit Child Shimmer, while the name is a bit lame the color is bright . It goes on like a jelly in a kind of rubbery blanket. The shimmer is more subtle, but does add a vivaciousness that is fun for summer. This polish also doesn’t bleed or run when removed so you can apply without the worry of red stains.



The final color I picked up was Mind Shimmer. This is the nude I have been hunting. This nude has just a hint–a tiny hint of shimmer that gives it some dimension as seen with the flash of picture two. So the color is not too boring like other near- invisible nudes and not pink. This nude is like a beige or tan that dries like a creme polish and comes alive with a top coat.

Thus far these polishes have proven high quality, low chip and super fun. Check them out if you are looking for some great, earth friendly polishes!



Unboxing the Salute Collection: SquareHue 7.13

This month’s box of color came July 5th. Quick considering the holiday, huh?

This month’s theme was clearly Patriotism. Let’s get to the colors



Valor is a green color and I have to be honest, I’m not in love with it. In the bottle the color looks to be a deep grey. However, it isn’t that simple. The Valor green is somewhere between the color of an old army GI uniform and dirt. The color took about three coats to become opaque and seemed dull. I could see it as a base color because it is so plain, but I was anxious to get it off my nails.

This color made me feel like I was playing in dirt.

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Slik Dream Go Moist Shampoo Review

At first I was afraid, I was petrified.IMAG0340

Thinking sulfates could never be by my side

And I spent so many nights thinking how sulfates did me wrong

But then I found Go Moist and my hair grew strong

I sing this tune to Aretha Franklin’s I will survive when I shampoo my hair with Silk Dreams Go Moist shampoo–and now for the review

[Product Name]: Silk Dreams Go Moist Shampoo

[Product Price]: $8.00

[Product Size]: 8 oz

[Product Ingredients]: Water, Sodium Myreth Sulfate, Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Cocamide MEA,  Sodium Pyrrolidone Carboxylic Acid, Lactic Acid, Sodium Lactate, Polyquaternium 10, Glycol Distearate, Triticum vulgare (Wheat Germ) Oil, Beta vulgaris (Beet) Sugar Extract, Olive Oil PEG 7 Esters, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Panthenol, Polyquaternium-7 Citric Acid, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Sorbic Acid, Urea, Yeast Extract, Fragrance


[Product Directions]: Apply to wet hair. Smooth down the hair shaft to create a moisturizing lather. Rinse and condition.

[Product Claims]:This shampoo delivers manageability, moisture, and protein and moisture binding properties to your hair.

[Product Scent]: It smells nice and light, but doesn’t have a particular scent

[Product Consistency]: The product is not a clear shampoo but is a milky, pearl like white. The shampoo is more runny than others but that same quality makes it easy to spread.


[Product Realities]: I was hesitant to try this product because of the sulfate. but after reading some positive reviews and having a great interaction with the seller I decided to give it a go and I am so glad I did.

The shampoo is very, very gentle and not stripping. I had long given up on shampoo until I meant the gentle giant that could tackle my product build up. The shampoo spreads evenly and slightly lathers so you get that ohh-ahh clean shampoo feeling without that squeaky clean sensation like your hair/scalp are a windex clean window pane.

In addition to not being drying, the shampoo cleans. As in really cleans. I have given this shampoo as a gift to a fellow natural suffering with scalp irritation and working to correct years of relaxer damage and she loved the shampoo too.

Basically this shampoo is a go on all fronts.

[Shopping Experience] : The store is only online, but one thing I like is the website is shut down when things become backordered. That means after every sale she will not take more orders while she makes sure all previous orders are correct. Customer services is definitely a priority, so even if it take a while it is worth it.


Top Coat for Textured Polish

Believe it or not my other 4 top coats weren’t getting the job done.

Enter my new love: Venique Top Coat 

At about [7.50-10] per [.50] per bottle this top coat goes the distance.

I purchased it because my [textured polish] collection grew and seemed to scoff at my other top coats I needed something else.

Venique is that something else it is friendly with those gelly/textured polishes meaning it coats every piece of glitter, feathers, felt, sand or whatever else you put in your paint. This coat adds an amazing shine that enhances the liveness of the polishes rather leaving a dull flat finish on what should be eye popping polish.

The top coat isn’t a quick dry, but dries completely in 5-7 minutes . The dry adds a rubbery like smoothness to the texture while still allowing the polishes dimension to show.

See what I mean?

Julie G’s crushed candy purple after two coats of Venique with and without flash, respectfully.

IMAG0334 IMAG0331

Have you tried this top coat or this brand?W hat did you think?