Square Hue and Surprise Gifts

It has been a while since I blogged about Square Hue, or blogged at all. But I am getting my life and my nails back together and Square Hue started my “Operation: get it together” with a mid-month surprise.

Meet Square Hue: Black Label Start to Finish

IMAG2208Thats right ladies and dry-handed gentleman, square hue now has a cuticle oil, base coat and top coat.

The shocking arrival came with a thank you card for being a long standing customer. It also came free of charge!

The free gift inspired me to get polishing!

The almond cuticle oil was nice. It went on smoothly and wasn’t greasy. It was light enough for frequent use and I was able to trim my cuticles with great ease. But on to the stars of the show:

IMAG2210The clear base coat was better than expected. While in the bottle the clear base coat looked a bit watery, the base coat was thick and viscous.

The base coat dried evenly with no bubbles and remained a bit tacky. I prefer a tacky base coat so the polish adheres well.

I applied polish in 3 thin coats and all was looking well until the top coat.

IMAG2211 The Wet Look topic coat delivers in the promise of high gloss. My nails were bling tastic. However, 15 minutes later my nails weren’t dry. This top coat turned my nails into a swiffer duster . Every piece of lint and dust clung to my damp nails and completely ruined my manicure.

I am hopeful that if I allow the polish to dry more the Wet Look top coat can become a keeper because the bling was delicious; however the below manicure is with Seche Vite top coat.

IMAG2216 IMAG2213 IMAG2215


Liquifying Shampoo Bar: Reinventing the Beer Shampoo Bar

A while back I did a review of a beer shampoo bar that I loved. What I didn’t love was trying to keep the bar dry during use to avoid it wilting  away.

So I got a knife and cut the shampoo bar into chunks


I was able to get about 14 chucks when I diced the bar. I took the chunks in the shower to shampoo and ran into another problem. One piece would last 2-3 shampoos and as it shrunk became harder to grip, got lost/tangled in my hair, kept failing through the soap grate and just generally became a pain in the ass.

So time for plan C

I decided to toss the a few pieces in water and see if I could make this shampoo bar into regular shampoo.

I filled a travel size container with 1.5 ounces of rosewater.IMAG1756

I dropped in two pieces IMAG1757

I topped the container off with regular tap water and made sue to leave room for the soap pieces to dissolve. I then gave the water+soap time to dissolve and turn into a solution. I left it sit for about 6 days and made sure to shake it daily.  Here are some pictures of how the combination evolved.

IMAG1767 IMAG1766 IMAG1762

The soap gradually broke apart and   the mixture became more of solution. and got thicker and thicker as the days went by. I kept shaking the solution to help further break up the soap. By the time wash day roles around the solution was ready to go!

IMAG1770 IMAG1778

The mixture turned into real shampoo! The soap completely dissolved and the mixture became thick and gelatinous. The 3 oz jar has lasted me 3 separate shampoos. Which means I used 2 pieces to make 3 oz of shampoo. Thus I could make 21 oz out of the 14 pieces I originally cut the bar into . So this bar would last me 21 shampoos! That is an amazing value $6.00.

I said it before and I will say it again this bar is great for my hair, my wallet and malleable to my lifestyle.

I love it!


Rescue Beauty Lounge Pink & Purple in review

[Product Name]: Rescue Beauty Lounge 

[Product Price]: 18.00-20.00 per bottle

[Product Size]: .50 oz

Normally I would shy away from such a high price tag for nail polish, but during the annual november sale I was able to pick up try the line  at 50% off. The website was down with heavy traffic, but when I was finally able to log on i picked up two colors.

IMAG1024  IMAG1033


hot and cold with color all over: NOTD

Sometimes reading other blogs in combination with one click buying gets me in trouble.

While reading Hairscapes blog I came across her post about Nail Fabulosity. I went to etsy and checked out the indie brand and decided I wanted to try their Big PIMPkin color. My polish arrived promptly 4 days letter packed neatly and ready for wear.


The polish is an orange with big glitter rocks floating around. The polish is only orange when warm. When cold the polish becomes a green that is reminiscent of the green glow around Halloween ghost–a pale, translucent green.

Lets get hot and cold:


Two coats goes on quick and easy. The glitter even all laid in the same direction, which is rare for me.


The polish dried quickly in about five minutes.



In warm temperatures this thermal polish turns green. I wish I had more pictures to share of the green hue, but sadly it was difficult to capture.  The polish was green with orange glitter most of the time.


Even though I would have preferred to see the orange more frequently this polish made it fun to wash my hands and even hold cold glasses. The shift is subtle, so you can really watch the magic happen.

The polish also lasted about a week with Venique top coat. 

Overall this polish has great wear and was great fun. I would try more thermals from this brand!



Naked Nails: Slow and Steady

My nails are coming along, but lets be honest–they still look pretty bad naked.

I have been oiling my nails and cuticles regularly and it has helped the moisture level. As a result of regular use of coconut oil my cuticles are in good condition no major cracks or dry skin and I am hoping over time healthier cuticles will result in healthier nails. But when it comes to my nails these damn ridges have me at the edge of my sanity.

Yes there have been some improvement

  • no new peeling
  • no chipping

but as you can see by the staining on my nails, I still have ridges.

Left Hand:

IMAG0264 IMAG0270 IMAG0258

my nails are growing out thankfully, but I am still using the Ruby Stone to  get rid of the ridges. I am hoping another two weeks and  I will be ridge free.

Right Hand


I have been successfully with two of my nails, but I am still working on my pointer finger and middle finger. I have filed them all the way down in the hopes of regrowing them without ridges.

I will report back


Ruby Stone to the Rescue?

When the nail fanatic bug bit me I went on a polish hungry shopping spree. One stop on my quest for color domination was Sally’s. I came across the Ruby Stone ( also called the ruby crystal nail file) and was drawn to it because of the cute protective case and the low price. At Sally’s the Ruby Stone was 2.49. It wasn’t until much later  noticed how great the Ruby Stone was. Initially I didn’t like the Ruby Stone because it seemed to sharp or gritty .It reminded me of rubbing wood against the grain or something–just wrong and uncomfortable.

 I think it was just so different from my other emery boards, buffers and files, that I hard time adjusting.

However my issues with constant ridges led me to search for the sources of my problems. I came across many sites that indicated physical trauma may be a cause of constant tears, ridges, or nail splitting. While that seemed plausible, I  never thought my tools were causing me trauma.

Alas, my  buffers were thinning my nails leading to tears; my clippers were causing splits, so on and so on. My nails just couldn’t win.

I decided to ditch my old shaping tools and re-visit the Ruby Stone because I read it was the most gentle file on the cheaper side.

In my opinion The Ruby Stone’s results, price and durability gives glass files a run for their money. The Ruby Stone website claims the tool:

  • May be used in both directions

  • Dust from the crystals helps prevent splitting nail tips during filing

  • Special, rounded edge at the tip lets you to remove burrs, dirt and stains

  • Flat area near the tip gently and easily erases excess skin around the cuticle (when used with light, circular motions)

  • Reusable/washable


The crystals are of course synthetic and while i can’t speak for what chemical compounds make this work it can be used in both directions and is looking like magic my nails need.


In my naked nails series I will be chronicle my experience when using the Ruby Stone exclusively so check there for more information.


Naked Nails: Ridge Reduction

ridge reduction2

I’m one week strong with oiling my nails and have even taken my vitamins for a few days.

In the past week I can proudly say I have no chips and no peeling, which is huge for me. I still have ridges, which I plan to slowly file out. I am considering buying the entire Ruby Stone system, but before I jump completely on the bandwagon I wanted to give the file a one month run.

While I work on getting rid of my unsightly ridges I thought i would google what causes the split level nail.


My uneven nail tips may be a result of:
  • Malnutrition
  • Dehydration
  • Lack of moisture to target area
  • Age
  • Physical trauma


I doubt I am malnutrition. I could stand to drink more water, but I think it is combination of moisture and physical trauma.  Physical trauma sounds serious, right? But for nails that could mean something as simple as picking at labels on bottles.

 In my quest for blog worthy nails I will continue oiling my nails and staying trauma free.

Today I repainted and snapped some quick pics of my naked nails.