Liquifying Shampoo Bar: Reinventing the Beer Shampoo Bar

A while back I did a review of a beer shampoo bar that I loved. What I didn’t love was trying to keep the bar dry during use to avoid it wilting  away.

So I got a knife and cut the shampoo bar into chunks


I was able to get about 14 chucks when I diced the bar. I took the chunks in the shower to shampoo and ran into another problem. One piece would last 2-3 shampoos and as it shrunk became harder to grip, got lost/tangled in my hair, kept failing through the soap grate and just generally became a pain in the ass.

So time for plan C

I decided to toss the a few pieces in water and see if I could make this shampoo bar into regular shampoo.

I filled a travel size container with 1.5 ounces of rosewater.IMAG1756

I dropped in two pieces IMAG1757

I topped the container off with regular tap water and made sue to leave room for the soap pieces to dissolve. I then gave the water+soap time to dissolve and turn into a solution. I left it sit for about 6 days and made sure to shake it daily.  Here are some pictures of how the combination evolved.

IMAG1767 IMAG1766 IMAG1762

The soap gradually broke apart and   the mixture became more of solution. and got thicker and thicker as the days went by. I kept shaking the solution to help further break up the soap. By the time wash day roles around the solution was ready to go!

IMAG1770 IMAG1778

The mixture turned into real shampoo! The soap completely dissolved and the mixture became thick and gelatinous. The 3 oz jar has lasted me 3 separate shampoos. Which means I used 2 pieces to make 3 oz of shampoo. Thus I could make 21 oz out of the 14 pieces I originally cut the bar into . So this bar would last me 21 shampoos! That is an amazing value $6.00.

I said it before and I will say it again this bar is great for my hair, my wallet and malleable to my lifestyle.

I love it!


Stretching with Curlformers

So I’ve had these e-bay curlformers for about a year.

I swore off curlformers because while I found them easy and even cute they NEVER lasted more than a day. I moved away from my curlfomers in favor of traditional rollersets, however I wondered back to my curlfromers recently because the stretch they provide is ideal for a blowdry free flat iron.


I have the extra wide curlformers I purchased from an eBay seller RelaxSacks. I went to Sally’s and bought the genuine curlformers hook for about 5 bucks because the one that came the package was crap.

I sat under the dryer with a head full of curlfromers for 45 mins and then slept.

Sleeping was easy, Removal was easy. Styling was easy.

This is my hair after removing the curlformers

 IMAG1739-1 IMAG1734 IMAG1733

My hair was soft and well defined. Most importantly my roots were smooth. You can even see my scalp! Prior to instilling I did a hot oil treatment with Dabur’s Vikita oil. I credit this for the smoothness of my roots.


I then separated the curls somewhat and styled:

IMAG1741 IMAG1745 IMAG1742

I wore my hair in this style all day. Because I swore I was going to flat iron, I used no holding product. However after flat ironing half of one section and promptly gave up.

At the end of the day here is what became of the curls

IMAG1751 IMAG1750

They started to frizz, but I knew they wouldn’t last. Instead I decided to throw in a quick set of flat twist, so I could wear my hair down the next day.

Here are the flat twist I wore to bed and the resulting style

IMAG1752 IMAG1753

IMAG1758 IMAG1759


I had a nice curly bob look going with this twist and curl. I will likely bun for the rest of the week, but I am happy with my curlformer experience.

I will continue to keep them in the rotation as I look to spend less time under the dryer in the heat of the summer.



Ynobe Amla & Nettle Moisturizing Deep Conditioner Review


[Product Name]:Ynobe Amla & Nettle Moisturizing Deep Conditioner

[Product Price]: 14.95 or 19.95 depending on the size

[Product Size]:8 or 16 ounces

[Product Ingredients]:Distilled Water (Infused With Nettle Leaf), Cetearyl alcohol, Stearalkonium chloride, Amla Powder, Slippery Elm, Neem, Aloe Vera Juice, Olive oil, Flax seed oil, and Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, Soy Protein, Optiphen (Preservative), Cinnamon, Carrot Seed Extract

[Product Claims]:Ynobe Amla & Nettle Moisturizing Deep Conditioner is formulated to moisturize and condition; leaving the hair soft, silky and manageable. This moisturizing treatment is made with essential ingredients that keep the hair healthy and strong, add elasticity, shine and luster.

[Product Scent]: It smells earthy, but has no distinguishable scent when applied or rinsed. In addition the product fades into hair quickly–I was heavy handed and the conditioner, despite being brown in color, disappeared in my hair.

IMAG1677 IMAG1678

[Product Consistency]: The product comes in a jar as it is likely too thick to squeeze. However the consistency isn’t very thick more like that of lotion as opposed to a paste. It is also smooth you won’t feel any grit from the Amla powder


[Product Realities]: This product and I did not get along. I was hoping the Ayurvedic element and the protein would make my hair happy, but I was wrong. I left this conditioner on for about 2 hours under a plastic cap while I did housework and my yoga DVD. When I rinsed I did not use another conditioner–just warm water.

Initially my hair felt soft, but that softness faded as quickly as those non-water proof labels. By the time I stepped out of the shower my hair was dry.

Normally when I rinse my deep conditioner my hair has a definition that makes detangling a breeze and indicates my hair is protein and moisture levels are in check.

This is my hair post rinse with yogurt,oils and cassia:

IMAG1502 IMAG1501

The clump in my curls tells me that my hair is balanced enough to ensure easy detangling, easy rollerseting and week long moisture.

Here is my hair after rinsing the Ynobe Alma and Nettle Conditioner

IMAG1685This is a frizzy, undefined mess. My hair was not coated in silk like I normally get from cassia. It was not strong and without tangles like I normally get from milk protein. It was not shiny like I normally get from added oils. Essentially, my hair looked dull and old like I hadn’t washed in weeks as opposed to having washed moments ago.

This conditioner did nothing for me. My rollerset was frizzy and dull, my hair needed to be moisturized and sealed several times throughout the week and I have had to detangle seemingly endlessly. Basically this conditioner is getting benched!

I would not repurchase. 




Preserving the Curl: Making Natural Hair Rollersets last

I have been rolling away since I got my hourglass rollers, but I have been looking for a way to get my curls to last throughout the week.

I can’t pin curl. I can’t pineapple. I can’t be bothered.

So I thought maybe I would try putting my hair in two pig tails and pinning the tails up while I slept. In an effort to measure effectiveness I rolled and smoothed the left side of my hair and left the right side in roller set barrel curls. I ponytailed and pinned and took pictures daily.

So follow me along the experiment and decide if the ponytails worked.

Step One: Roll

I used my hourglass rollers to rollerset my hair. And yes I see that big piece I missed–and no I don’t want to talk about it.

 IMAG1565 IMAG1567

Rolling went well. I used homemade flax seed gel mixed with aloe vera gel for hold after a yogurt and honey deep condition. My hair took an hour and fifteen minutes to dry. The pictures so my hair after drying.

Step Two: Unroll


The next step was to remove the rollers. I let my hair cool for 20 minutes and then removed the duck clips and unraveled each roller.

Step Three: Smooth/ Not Smooth


For step three I smoothed the left side of my hair. I did not smooth the right side. The idea here was to see if the curls longevity was influenced by smoothing.

I used my fingers to lightly comb through my hair and smooth the curls. I placed the smooth curls in a banana clip and pinned the loosed ends on top of my head.

On the opposite side I did not finger comb the curls but placed them in a banana clip pig tail  directly after removing the rollers. IMAG1582

I followed the same process for the next three nights and below are those results.

Day 1:

IMAG1586 smoothed side

IMAG1590unsmoothed side

Day 2:

IMAG1598Unsmoothed side

IMAG1594smoothed side

Day 3:

IMAG1604A picture of my very uneven part and ponytails

IMAG1601close up of the smoothed side in ponytail

IMAG1606smoothed side

IMAG1610unsmoothed side

After day three I wanted to switch my style, but it think pig tails helped the curls hold up well enough. Keep in mind I applied no products, used no combs, and no additional heat over these days. I think I like the smoothed side better!

So, are pig tails worth a try in your regime?


Beer Rhassoul Shampoo Bar : Review

I spend too much time on etsy. And in my clicks I stumbled upon FattysSoapCo .

I couldn’t resist the Beer Rhassoul Shampoo Bar 

My neighbor to the north shipped the bar quickly and it arrived 3 days after ordering.


[Product Price]: 6.00 plus 2.50 to ship

[Product Size]: 3.50 ounces

[Product Ingredients]:

Oils of: Castor, Coconut, Jojoba, Hazelnut, Unrefined Hemp Seed, Macadamia Nut, Olive, Palm Wheat Germ

Oil, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Silk, Panthenol
Sodium Hydroxide
Stout Beer
Rhassoul Clay

[Product Directions]:  None are given, but I applied it wet hair and massaged to a lather and rinsed.

[Product Claims]: Formulated especially for hair with plenty of quality, hair-loving oils and extracts. Naturally scented with Guinness Stout beer.

[Product Scent]: The site claims it is scented with Guinness, but it has no distinct scent — somewhat earthy, but really no fragrance.

[Product Consistency]:It’s a disc ! It is solid, well shaped, but a you are getting a brick of product.  I anticipate this would last me months depending on frequency of use.


[Product Realities]:The shampoo bar lathers really well. I washed my hair in twist, but unraveled them to better lather. The bar lathers well, but the suds aren’t stripping like conventional shampoos. The suds came quickly and were easy to rinse. The water initially rinsed brown, but ran clear when the suds and dirt were gone.


 I will say my hair was not very dirty when I used this bar, nor had I used any silicone products since my last wash.  My hair felt clean and light after use. I had been using conventional shampoo, but over time I felt like the shampoo dulled my hair and I felt contributed to tangles.

What I really enjoyed about this shampoo bar was it left my hair defined and not tangled.  While my traditional shampoo cleaned it left my hair in a state that it was prone to tangles and needs conditioner immidetanley.


After rinsing away the lather I didn’t need to immediately need to apply any product.

[Shopping Experience]:

The seller was very nice. She contacted me to confirm my address, offered me custom order, and sent tracking information promptly. Very professional with quick shipping!

The owner was also nice enough to send me some free samples along with my purchase. I got two soaps to try, and while my sensitive skin will likely make me pass them along to my him counterpart it is very nice of her to think of her customers and not let any material go to waste!


I would definitely repurchase.



I Have A Stream – February: Warming Up Your Heart

My February post is coming very late. I’m not sure if it’s the cold weather outside or my warm bed inside that has delayed my posting. I’m guessing both reasons are to blame. Because the end of the month is rapidly approaching I decided to suggest one documentary to watch this weekend. The documentary is called Waste Land and it depicts the lives of Brazilian garbage pickers working in the world’s largest landfill. Brazilian visual artist Vik Muniz travels to his home country with the purpose of helping the less fortunate employees of the Jardim Gramacho landfill. He wants to accomplish this by collaborating with them to create beautiful works of art. Also, if Muniz is able to sell the work he would donate all earnings to the workers. I love this documentary and highly recommending people watch it. You don’t have to be into art or politics to take away a lot from this film. I first saw it a few years ago and it has recently popped up on Netflix. As soon as I saw it on Netflix I knew I had to share it with others. So please check out Waste Land and have your heart warmed this February by this endearing documentary.


Only an Hour with Hourglass Rollers: A Rollersetting Review

As a rollersetting enthusiast I have long been tempted by Vented Hourglass rollers. What some call Ethiopian  or conici rollers I called a challenge.

 IMAG1432 IMAG1435

I placed an order Thursday with and Monday I had a package of brand new rollers.

In this experiment I :

  • Started with freshly deep conditioned hair
  • Used no setting/holding product
  • Used only my fingers to part and detangle
  • Used no end papers

I skipped many steps  to judge the true performance of the rollers less products.

I deep conditioned my hair with aubrey organics honeysuckle rose for 2 hours without heat.

IMAG1413  IMAG1416

Once rinsing I applied a leave in conditioner and sectioned my hair into a Mohawk pattern.Because I only used my fingers to part my pattern was off, but for the bun I plan to where that was okay with me.


I decided to skip the end papers to test the website’s claim the rollers did not snag hair. I smoothed my hair with my fingers as I rolled and I must say the texture of the rollers gripped my hair tightly the first revolution. There was no slipping. No hair sliding off the roller. Just even, thorough tension. Made rolling a breeze.


I continued to roll my hair down the center and then the back sections followed by the front. The rollers fit comfortably. And while it may not look like it: my hair is in sections.

I used duck bill clips to secure the rollers and finished rolling in a about 30 mins. Not being super precise dramatically cut down on my rolling time. IMAG1430

I then sat under the dryer for exactly 60 mins.

To my shock, amazement, awe and sheer surprise my hair was completely dry.


This is a huge improvements from my two hours with grey magnetic rollers.

I was thrilled with my greatly reduced dry time and the results.

When I unrolled the rollers weren’t stuck to my hair. In fact when I removed the duck clips many rollers fell out by gravity alone. Each roller formed strong ringlets.


I was impressed how well the rollers straightened my ends. From previous post you may know i have had an issue with my ends staying curly, but not with these rollers! The rollers did leave behind a slight indent, but the pattern dissipated quickly.

I finger comb the ringlets and was rewarded with:

Without flash

1 IMAG1450_BURST002

With flash

IMAG1456 IMAG1453

I am very happy with my results and plan to incorporate my normal holding products and parting routine my next set. I will say the rollers also caused no noticeable breakage!

Challenged accepted and accomplished!


Naked Nails: Ruby Stone’s Disappearing act

I feel like Ruby Stones have gotten harder and harder to find. The last 3 Sally’s beauty Supply stores I have been to no longer carry the item.; even thought  it is still available on their website .

I had two Ruby Stone nail files, but one ran away and the other broke!


I didn’t even know they could be broken, but the file met a fatal fall from off my kitchen counter and never came back to life. I still use it, but it is much more difficult than normal.


I tried replacing Ruby Stone with   another crystal/glass file found at Sally’s  ASP Crystal File. The file looks very nice & is comfortable to hold, but is of a lesser quality than the Ruby Stone.

The ASP Crystal file was dull after just a few uses and wore out quickly like many glass files. I even had to return it to store because the texture just rubbed off with me touching it! Essentially this file is a waste of money.  


No substituting the original.




Natural Hair Rollersetting from Failure to Success!

My hair and I had a problem.

My hair didn’t absorb moisture well and didn’t dry quickly.

However I had no time to have wet hair for 3 days that would be begging for water on the fourth day.

 My solution? 

Get an LCL Beauty Dryer and a collection of rollers that just won’t quit.IMAG0874IMAG0710

Together with my collection of two inch, grey, magnetic rollers, duck bill clips, spray bottle, combs, (occasional) curlformers and products I have been roller setting my hair 3-4 times a month since July 2012.

The Good:

  • My hair has thrived from this practice. Outside of drying in a reasonable time my the heat helps the moisture from my products penetrate my hair.
  • My hair is stretched and makes twist outs, braid outs, buns, and the like are easy
  • Time under the dryer is relaxing
  • I can better inspect my ends and catch splits in addition to trimming/dusting more easily
  • Soft, supple hair all week long
  • can be a base for flat ironing

The bad:

  • Rolling is hard on my nail polish
  • Rollers are not to be slept on
  • Can be time consuming, but it grows faster with practice
  • Parting can be difficult with dense natural hair, but again you can adjust

The Ugly:

  • My hair when I don’t rollerset

My hair is not relaxed and my rollerset don’t look like I am relaxed. My rollersets will never look like a relaxed lady and I am okay with that. In fact I am happy about it! My hair looks like my hair  and rollersetting enhances that look!

Despite rollersetting for over a year there are things I still struggle with:


IMAG0871My hair is curly. It loves to clump together and not let go of its curly haired brethren. That means inside the circle you should be should be a clear and uninterrupted, but my formed a type of web and despite my best effort to make clean parts my hair will exist beyond the bounds of the roller and not get be uniform.

I have over come by being extra diligent, but sometimes i am just too lazy.

Root Tension

For a long time I was afraid to comb my hair because–well I never really comb my hair. I detangle with my


fingers and before roller setting never needed combs or to even part my hair. Because of my failure to comb I wasn’t able to smooth effectively and get enough tension on my roots. I ended up with roots that while stretched, had a lot of texture and were still very, very dense. I don’t mind this, but if you are looking to flat iron or wear your set down this is an issue that will need to be addressed. Nothing has addressed it better than a rat-tail comb, but some sets, when bunning is the goal, the comb stay in the cabinet.

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