Curlformers: My low heat solution to straight hair

Forgive my long absences.

My hair and I briefly broke up, but we have recently gotten back together. To celebrate our reunion here is an account of my most recent hair adventure.

My low heat straight hair

The forever curler addict I decided to dust off my curlformers.

My problem with curlformers, you may recall from previous post,  is I get straight roots and slightly molded length, which after a day looks like a hot mess.


Curlfromers at the start


Curlformers at the end of the day

Essentially, curlformers give me stretched hair, but no style longevity. So I decided maybe the stretch would work well for straighter styles.

My hope was sleeping with curlformers and introducing a blowdryer into the mix would give me the straight hair I occasionally want without flat iron.

To test the theory I installed a set a curlfromersIMAG2146

I slept in the curlformers and did not use my beloved hooded dryer.

When I woke up I dusted off my cheap blow dryer and unraveled the curlformers two or three at time. I wanted to blowdry in small sections, so I did not take them out in large groups.


I started by gently brushing out my curls. I then blow dried my hair on cool  with no comb attachment. I was happy that without flat ironing I was able to get my roots flat. IMAG2148IMAG2160

The process was much faster than blow drying my wet hair and I was able to get much straighter roots. I kept my hair straight for about 2 and half weeks and used flexi rods and pillow rollers to style. When given the option this will be the only way I straighten my hair.


Giving an old ponytail new life

Each week there is time when the rollerset style is done, but re-washing isn’t about to happen. That is when the ponytail is born. Sadly my ponytail normally turns into a bun to hide how boring my hair has become.   However this week I gave the bun a break and tried to give my ponytail new life. Just as I did with my previous flexi rod set on dry hair  I decided to bust out the flexi rods. clipI pulled my hair up with a my extra cheap, extra wide banana clip. These things are great! I have different colors and sizes. I would highly recommend for stretched hair.   With the bulk of my hair pulled back I twisted my bangs as they hate any kind of tension. I then spilt my mound of hair and began to wind it around the  flexi rods that I can still find. I also took this opportunity to moisturize and seal amy ends. IMAG1888 IMAG1889   I left the rods in overnight. They were easy to sleep on because they were at the top of my head.   Before finger combing the curls: IMAG1890 IMAG1891-1   After finger combing: IMAG1893 IMAG1896 As you can see from the bumpit like volume, my ponytail was certainly more alive. What do you all think? Are flexi rods your friend?

Who is Hurt?

I’m the “him” on the blog and this is a post I recently made about Doctor Who on my separate blog.

Plain Zero

I’m sure we all know that “The Day of the Doctor” is rapidly approaching. After watching the two new trailers multiple times I have decided to make a few posts to celebrate the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary.

A lot of people have different theories about John Hurt’s Doctor. Most theories lead to him being a regeneration between the 8th and 9th Doctors.  It sounds like it’s the most likely outcome, but I hope it’s something different. Steven Moffat does like to lead the audience in one direction and immediately turn them around at the last second.

My John Hurt theory contradicts the popular “8.5 Doctor.” This might be a stretch, but I believe that he could be the incarnation before William Hartnell’s 1st Doctor. I think it would be an interesting twist. Here are reasons to support my crazy theory.

  • “The Day of the Doctor” – I’m taking…

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Namaste or Should I Go?

I can guarantee the man pictured is not me.

I don’t know the first thing about yoga. So when my lovely girlfriend suggested I do hot yoga with her, I didn’t know what to say. I eventually agreed and quickly realize that I had no idea what I would be getting myself into. Before getting into my hot yoga experience, I’ll give you brief background of myself. Chronic profuse sweater? Check. Flexibility of a lead pipe? Check.Balance of a boomerang standing on its side? Definitely, check.


When I first walked into the room I was blasted in the face with a wave of heat. I thought that this was going to take all of my energy to complete the full 90 minutes. I instantly began to feel beads of sweat form on my forehead. Which is pretty normal for me. The entire class laid on the ground to practice breathing and I followed suit. Surprisingly, I quickly adjusted to the heat. This was probably due to my body constantly being hot and sweaty all the time. I laid there and it was pretty relaxing. Little did I know that shit was about to get really real.

The class started off with some simple stretches and a long breathing exercise. Soon it turned into me folding and twisting my body in ways it was not built for. My plump, mushy physique was built for comfort and definitely not speed. Our instructor breezed through repetitive commands which stretched me out beyond recognition. I wish I could remember the names of the poses, but I was too focused on not falling on my sweaty face in front of everyone. I did, however, remember her telling the class to fold themselves like a “Japanese ham sandwich.” For the rest of the class I kept wonder what was a “Japanese ham sandwich,” and that led to so many more questions. Here are some of the questions that popped in my head as I popped my joints:

  • Does Trader Joe’s carry Japanese ham sandwiches? Am I willing to risk battling through their parking lot just to find out?

  • Is this a grotesque sex act I can find on urban dictionary? If not, should I invent it?

  • Is that what I’m smelling right now?

  • Is it too late to rename this blog to .org?

  • Does Japan even have ham?


Overall, I really liked the experience. I completed the full 90 minutes of balancing, stretching, and sweating.  Amazingly, I had an easier time than some of the others who were regulars. I felt proud of myself as I walked out of the studio. I wouldn’t sign up to do it for a month, but I would definitely go back again. Maybe once every few months. In the meantime I’ll go have myself a Japanese ham sandwich.