Natural Hair Rollersetting from Failure to Success!

My hair and I had a problem.

My hair didn’t absorb moisture well and didn’t dry quickly.

However I had no time to have wet hair for 3 days that would be begging for water on the fourth day.

 My solution? 

Get an LCL Beauty Dryer and a collection of rollers that just won’t quit.IMAG0874IMAG0710

Together with my collection of two inch, grey, magnetic rollers, duck bill clips, spray bottle, combs, (occasional) curlformers and products I have been roller setting my hair 3-4 times a month since July 2012.

The Good:

  • My hair has thrived from this practice. Outside of drying in a reasonable time my the heat helps the moisture from my products penetrate my hair.
  • My hair is stretched and makes twist outs, braid outs, buns, and the like are easy
  • Time under the dryer is relaxing
  • I can better inspect my ends and catch splits in addition to trimming/dusting more easily
  • Soft, supple hair all week long
  • can be a base for flat ironing

The bad:

  • Rolling is hard on my nail polish
  • Rollers are not to be slept on
  • Can be time consuming, but it grows faster with practice
  • Parting can be difficult with dense natural hair, but again you can adjust

The Ugly:

  • My hair when I don’t rollerset

My hair is not relaxed and my rollerset don’t look like I am relaxed. My rollersets will never look like a relaxed lady and I am okay with that. In fact I am happy about it! My hair looks like my hair  and rollersetting enhances that look!

Despite rollersetting for over a year there are things I still struggle with:


IMAG0871My hair is curly. It loves to clump together and not let go of its curly haired brethren. That means inside the circle you should be should be a clear and uninterrupted, but my formed a type of web and despite my best effort to make clean parts my hair will exist beyond the bounds of the roller and not get be uniform.

I have over come by being extra diligent, but sometimes i am just too lazy.

Root Tension

For a long time I was afraid to comb my hair because–well I never really comb my hair. I detangle with my


fingers and before roller setting never needed combs or to even part my hair. Because of my failure to comb I wasn’t able to smooth effectively and get enough tension on my roots. I ended up with roots that while stretched, had a lot of texture and were still very, very dense. I don’t mind this, but if you are looking to flat iron or wear your set down this is an issue that will need to be addressed. Nothing has addressed it better than a rat-tail comb, but some sets, when bunning is the goal, the comb stay in the cabinet.

Using too much [of the wrong] product


For a time I hunted for a holding product. I tried Jane Cater’s Wrap and Roll, Eco styler gel, Giovanni turbo mousse, Nubian Heritage Heat Protect Keratin Wrap Mousse, and some other more natural holding agents. You know what I got? White flakes scatter throughout my hair. Using too much product negatively effected my dry time. The products would crust and leave parts of my hair damp despite sitting under the dryer. I finally broke down and tried the long time salon favorite LottaBoody Setting Lotion  and the 2.99 dilute to your preference setting lotion out performed all the foams easily.

Unaffected Ends

IMAG0717-1There have been sets when it looks like my ends were allowed to dry naturally. How could this be? Well when I fail to smooth and hold my ends taunt while rolling, I fail to get smooth ends. I tried ends paper, but that didn’t much to hold them in place and seem only to delay drying and make it more difficult for me to tell if ends where smooth or curly. So goodbye to end papers and hello to paying attention.

Despite the learning curve

 By using snap on covers from a smaller set of rollers and being less lazy with my own advice I have been able to achieve result I like!

 IMAG1217-1 IMAG1220 IMAG1292 IMAG1293

I plan to continue to rollerset and experiment with various products while practicing preservation methods. Stay tuned!


5 comments on “Natural Hair Rollersetting from Failure to Success!

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  2. Like you, using the wrong will make a difference. Once I used CHI I stopped looking for a heat protectant. I am thinking of revisiting lotta body in the future though.

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