I Have A Stream – January: New Year, New Shows

Happy New Year everybody. After a long absence of IHAS I’m back with brand new recommendations for your viewing pleasure. I’ve decided to change things up a little. In addition to writing about Netflix titles, I’ve decided to include titles available on Hulu.

This week I’ll be suggesting TV shows to watch. If you live in Chicago, like me, you’re going to be indoors for the next couple of months. What better way to spend your time by discovering new and exciting TV shows. Here are a few British shows that I have thoroughly enjoyed.

1. The Wrong Mans

If you enjoy action-thrillers and comedy look no further. The show starts off with a case of mistaken identity and turns into six episode ride full of comedy and violence. James Corden gives a great comedic performance as always. I promise you’ll laugh and be hooked on this great show.

2. Misfits

After watching the first episode of this show I realized that this is easily one of my favorite TV shows ever. It’s about teens doing mandatory community service getting zapped by a mysterious storm that gives them super powers. It’s not your typical show about super heroes. It’s more like an anti-super hero show. On the other hand, Misfits might the most realistic super hero show. It’s dark, funny, entertaining, and very smart. I highly recommend it.

3. The Thick of It

Before he was The Doctor, he was Malcolm Tucker. A political spin doctor for the British government. This show a mix between The Office and The West Wing, but better and with F-bombs.  Hands down The Thick of It has the best one liners and rants that have ever been put into half-hour show. Also, check out the spin-off movie In The Loop.

Enjoy the shows and comment if you can. For those of you who like Doctor Who you’ll see a ton of familiar faces in these shows. Not including the obvious.


2 comments on “I Have A Stream – January: New Year, New Shows

    • I haven’t watched House of Cards yet, but it’s also in my queue. I like Hulu’s British show selection better than Netflix’s. However, Netflix has a lot of great British mini-series. Check out Collision.

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