Rescue Beauty Lounge Pink & Purple in review

[Product Name]: Rescue Beauty Lounge 

[Product Price]: 18.00-20.00 per bottle

[Product Size]: .50 oz

Normally I would shy away from such a high price tag for nail polish, but during the annual november sale I was able to pick up try the line  at 50% off. The website was down with heavy traffic, but when I was finally able to log on i picked up two colors.

IMAG1024  IMAG1033

The packing was admittedly adorable, but the certainly made me wait for it. I ordered 11/17 and the items were shipped 11/28. The package arrived nearly a month after ordering on 12/09. I had to contacted customer service, who sent me the wrong shipping information and while nice and responsive couldn’t tell me much more than USPS sucks. But lets forget the shipping nightmare and see the colors.
IMAG1059-1This color looked far more blush online, but it matches the name–it is spot on for the Patrick Starfish from Spongebob Squarepants. The color is bright and engaging–perfect for summer.
I would describe this as a coral, brighter, than that on the website, but still a blush at its core.
This deep purple is magnificent! I mean gorgeous! The website doesn’t sell this color with the true deep saturation that comes in just one brush stroke.
I adore this purple. This creme is a deep plum and almost gel like in application. One coat last for days and days. Even without a top coat this polish shines! Great product.
I will forgive the slow shipping because USPS is the worst and they did have a huge sale, but I wish they better communicated shipping time. I hope to order again if I find a coupon code or the next time a sale roles around, but I will be prepared to wait.

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