UnBoxing the Passport New York Collection Square Hue 12.13

Square Hue seems to be getting faster and faster as they grow. Not only have I been seeing their ads pop-up as a troll beauty blogs, but my box also made it here in record time. Arriving on December 3rd, a short four days after shipment, my winter loves are here. Lets meet the colors! Fifth Ave -High Gloss Creme A shiny new red is always in season. IMAG0994This red goes on flat and gives good coverage in just a few quick strokes. But make no mistake; this red isn’t winter time dull. It is vibrant  red that will stand out against the drab colors of winter ( well drab in the north anyway). The red like all red may run when removing, so be prepared with acetone to remove this one or get ready to rub, rub, rub. IMAG1001 IMAG0999Time Square Creme Holographic The red is followed by a color I can already say I love. This super shiny gem is reflective and magical. I know, I know. Magical? But it truly is something about this color is whimsical a mixture between the glare of snow with what appears to be the million, individual particles to match. This is polish is a conversation starter. IMAG1007wpid-IMAG1021.jpg

Broadway Sheer Pearl Last, but not least, my least favorite. This color is very reminiscent of a dusting of  snow: light in color, a lot required to get full coverage, and nearly invisible. This color reminded me of another square hue color from the January 1.13 Arctic Collection: Arctic Frost. This color was also a translucent, pearl-like white as seen on the side. However this color gave a subtle hint of snow fall on your nails with a powdery white finish. This month’s color however doesn’t have the same effect. In fact it looked so bad on my nails I am hesitant to show you. It was hard to capture, but I tried. ( and yes my nails look bad, but that was before ruby stone session) IMAG0997IMAG1009 IMAG1008 Happy Polishing Ladies


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