The Man of Steel Begins to Rise

I’m not sure if anyone has heard or not, apparently there is going to be a Batman vs. Superman (or Superman vs. Batman) movie in the next couple  of years. It’s about damn time. DC definitely taking a page out of the Marvel handbook. The closest thing we’ve had to a Batman/Superman crossover was George Clooney’s, “This is why Superman works alone.” Booooo. Hopefully DC and Warner Brothers will be able to pull off bringing the DC Universe to the big screen. Yes, it does kinda seem like a cash grab by the studio, but maybe they can turn the films into something much more than that. I’m very excited about the movie, and can’t wait to see Batman bunch Superman with a Kryptonite ring.


Bringing both of these iconic and polarizing figures to the big screen is going to be one hell of an undertaking. Because I’m a comic book fan with a computer and an opinion, here are five things I want to see in the upcoming Batman/Superman movie.


1. Cape and Cowl

One very minor issue I’ve had with Batman movies is the costume. I never found them very interesting. Lots of black on black with a touch of charcoal. I think they should go for a gray costume with a black cape and cowl. Hell, go for the Jim Lee gray and dark blue costume. Of course it has to look somewhat realistic on-screen. Aside from Adam West, no guy is just going to dress up in spandex. I would like to see a variation of Batman’s costume from the Batman: Noel graphic novel. It has the comic look with a real world tactical influences.


2. Where Does He Get Those Wonderful Toys?

The new Batman will be older and more seasoned than previous on-screen incarnations. He may not be as physical Nolan’s Batman because he’s older. He obviously won’t straight out punch Superman into submission, but maybe he’ll use his gadgets. Batman might be the most clever character in the DC Universe. So let’s see him make full use of his utility belt while dueling with Superman.


3. Brother Eye

One cool little cameo in Man of Steel was made by a Wayne Enterprises’ satellite. As a huge Batman fan, the first thing that popped in my mind was Brother Eye. Could it be possible that the destroyed satellite in the movie was actually a cover for one of Batman’s paranoid inventions? I think it would be an interesting tool to reveal more super powered beings in the DC movie universe. Also, it could work into the theme of the observer (Superman) becoming the observed.


4. Dynamic Duo

It would be pretty cool to see Robin or Nightwing in the film. Even if it’s just for a few seconds or a quick mention. It’s an older Batman so of course he would already have established his partners in crime fighting. Instead Batman grieving for his parents, have him grieve for Jason Todd. At least, have his costume hanging in the Batcave.


5. World’s Finest

I would like to see this movie borrow heavily from the Superman/Batman comics and cartoons. Maybe some of the best interactions between the two characters have been in the Superman/Batman animated movie in the 90s, The Dark Knight Returns, and Jeph Loeb’s run on Superman/Batman ten years ago. Hell they even made two very solid animated movies based on Jeph Loeb’s run.

Best cover ever.



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