Unboxing the Serengeti collection: SquareHue 9.13

Off to the Amazon we go with September’s Square hue collection. Serengeti, a near 19,000 mile stretch of Africa,  is Square Hue’s box of earthy tones which greeted my just before Labor Day.


In the box none of the colors impressed me, but once I applied the colors my tune changed.

Grassland Safari 

This dusty lime green is close in color to the way fields of boundless grass appear in the distance.IMAG0656 Too far out their for you? Think a dull lime green. This color goes on so thin. While it does go on smoothly you will need three-four coats to get coverage.


I tried to cover the glaring gaps in coverage by using a white base coat. I used China Glaze White on White on my index finger. Can you see the difference?


Savannah Sundown

Another green. My sister (@EllePecas on Twitter) told me it looked like mud and at the time I would have agreed. This murky green color recalls the swamp or at best dry mud, but on application the color really comes alive.


The puddle of mud color has a shimmer that gives the color dimension.

The gentle shine really brings this color to life; transforming the dirt color to a shiny olive green.

Swahili Charm 

IMAG0664The final color has to be my most liked in the collection. This chocolate brown almost has red undertones. With great coverage and nice thick formula this polish goes on and covers well.

While I don’t know if this color will inspire I dream of Africa


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