Unboxing the Endless Summer collection: SquareHue 8.13


Another Box and another set of colors. The Square Hue Endless Summer collection was tucked neatly into my mail box in recorded time and I wasted no time painting. This box was different than I was expecting, but still contains some colors and textures I’m excited about.

Lets meet the endless summer:

Bikini beach


This color needs a companion. I think I would like this color better with a white or pearl base coat. However with a clear base coat, Bikini Beach looked like a bikini at the beach: tan lines galore. With three coats I still had visible nail lines. Sight.

I would like this color as a supporting pigment in some nail art, but  on its own it doesn’t apply neatly enough for my short patience.

Scorched summer

This burnt orange didn’t meet my eye inspection, but when applied I couldn’t deny I liked this color. This burnt orange almost seems like a deep red. It has the same texture as the Bikini Beach, but much better coverage.IMAG0587-1 Though a touch runny, this orange is warm and inviting. IMAG0590This color would be ideal for fall as it appears to mirror the change in the leaves.

Surf Gypsy

Now this is a color I loved on sight. IMAG0592This deep shimmery purple is a beauty.


This polish has dimensions: shiny with subtle flakes of glitter, but the smooth application of a regular polish–almost like a gel polish.My next application will be with a texture friendly top coat, because this polish didn’t even make it though one shampoo.

Regardless, I love it.



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