You can always go home again and likely things will be just as you left them.  Or so I discovered on a recent trip to Jersey.

When thinking about my lack of friends I have to ask myself : what happened to all my friends?

What happened to my colleges friends?: relocation for job/education opportunities, spouses, or they quit drinking.

I can live with that.

What happened to my highschool friends?: Nothing.

Now I believe post 23 high school has no place in conversation, but there I was back in Jersey and thinking why not dust off the phonebook and rekindle old times.

Call me old fashion. Call me nostalgic. Call me depressed.

My friend from highschool, K, is exactly as I left her when the windy city wind carried me west.

Same living situation, same shit guy shit situation, same “ one of these days I’m going to” situation same everything. It seemed nothing had advanced but me. Was I being pretentious or did the small town get even smaller

The latter.

I seriously thought she was going to ask me to go on myspace so little had changed.

I felt bad. We used to be such good friends and suddenly there was nothing there. I kept defaulting to lecture mode and felt preachy. She squirmed under the weight of my lecture, but continued to solicit my advice and claimed “ she never thought about it that way.”

I guess it proves true that sometimes people grow apart and, less cliché, sometimes you are right to search out for more.

Have you had a ” i need to keep expand” moment when it came to friendship/relationships?


Some things never change, but should


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