105 degrees, 40% humidity with a chance of Friendship

After weeks of terror today was the day.

Today was the day for hot yoga. 105 degree hot yoga to be specific.

My Craigslist friend date from the post Blind Date Jackpot, CA, had suggest hot yoga as a friend date some weeks back and today it was time to sweat it out.

Now lets be clear:

  • I have never done yoga
  • I have never endured 105 degree temperatures without an ocean
  • I have never been so terrified for such an extended period of time


I walked up the stairs to and I was already sweating. Sweating because I didn’t want to embarrass myself. Sweating because I wasn’t sure three towels was enough. Sweating because I doubted 32 ounces was enough for 90 minutes. Sweating because I was already fucking hot.

So I entered this sweat box and it wasn’t as hot as I thought. It felt hot stuffy, but not unbearably hot. That was until my body was so saturated with sweat commandments to grab my foot was met with an awkward slipping and sliding.

Despite being nervous I am happy I stepped outside of my comfort zone and not only got a great work out, but actually because I had a good time.

While I’m not running back to the sweat box anytime soon, having this experience with CA reminded me what this all about: trying new things with new people. After we had lunch and traded heat stroke symptoms.

Basically this third friend date was hot as hell. Get it, huh?

So tell me what is your ideal friend date?



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