Running into Trouble at the Gym

Not all social things are created equal.

I knew this, and hope you did too, but I had the pleasure of learning it all over again with one of my craigslist friend dates.

As you may recall or later scroll down to read. My craigslist post included that I “run.” Now I run at the gym, with headphones, for a fixed amount of time and closely count the minutes until the experience is over. So when I got the suggestion from lets call her Peek to go for a run as a friend date, I was less than excited.

  1.  I can’t run and talk
  2. I don’t want to run and talk
  3. When I exercise it is business
    1. I don’t work enough to afford to have a half ass work out
  4. I don’t like to do social things that involve sweating

BUT In the name of making new friends and my new accountability to this blog I gave a begrudging  yes and plans were made.

The day of the run comes and it is 85 degrees, raining and feels like a high school locker room outside, so I suggest we move things to the gym where I have a membership and she can be a guest.


Here is where things get odd. We decide to do 3 miles around the track and then some cardio/weight machines I just wasn’t sure of the protocol:

  1. You want to talk and run, but I don’t. How do I say don’t talk to me?
  2. You run slower than me. Can I leave you behind?
  3. I don’t want to elliptical. Can I leave you?
  4. You don’t listen to music when you run. Can I?
  5. The machine immediately next to you isn’t one I want to use. Can I walk away?
  6. You’re talking not working out. Can I say get back to work?
  7. You want to stay and I want to leave. Can I leave?

Basically I was really awkward. I don’t go to the gym to be social. I go to the gym to get things done and go home and this was clearly something different for which I was unprepared.

I hope to exclude working out from all future friend outings until I know how serious the work out is going to be.

Have you worked out with friends before? How did it go for you.


2 comments on “Running into Trouble at the Gym

  1. I only occasionally workout with friends, as my workout tends to be a focused “me” time. When I do workout with friends I usually choose something that is either partner (bodyweight exercises can get an added boost if you do them partnered) or competition (some version of sports) based.

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