My 14 minutes on Girlfriend Social

So I had a girlfriend social account from 8:27 pm- 8:41 pm.

While Girlfriend social may be a life line for some, I hated everything about it including, but not limited to:

  1. I hate being called girlfriend. Who says that anymore?
  2. They asked way too many questions. I get it the website wants to collect data about members, they need to share information to incite member, but here is the issue: finding a friend should not be an algorithm  based on how much money you make. There are certain topics/personal data that should be revealed over time. What I do for a living, my favorite sport team or my favorite author are no secret when you give those things so much value and make them so transparent you are not representing a whole person but a disproportion picture of a person
  3. I get that Mothers are people  ( and important people at that), but I don’t have kids and the fact that every suggestion for an input field has something to do with children is a major turn off.
  4. I felt like I was on a dating site. You see the same pictures of women trying to make themselves look thin with pictures taken from weird angles.
  5. I felt pressured to over detail. Do you care about my favorite brand of shampoo or if I like spicy food? You shouldn’t.
  6. oh, and all that fucking pink. I like pink too, but lets step away from the cotton candy theme and get serious.

I want to make friends, but I don’t want to have brainstorm my hobbies to fill out some mandate field. And frankly I don’t want to know everything about someone before meeting them. While I few issues with meeting people online, when it comes to friends I want to give someone a chance to be multifaceted rather than the sum of arbitrary list.



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