Man of Steel: A Short Review & Five Questions

I’m “him” from herampersandhim and I’m reblogging my post.


Plain Zero


I love movies and comics, but comic book movies are usually hit or miss for me. I never was the hugest fan of the Superman comics and movies in the world. In general I like Superman, but I always felt like he had too many powers and always seemed too unstoppable. I like the first two Superman man movies with Christopher Reeve and all the other ones stunk to high heaven. This includes the forgettable Superman Returns (I had to google the full title because I forgot).

Anyway, when I heard there was a new Superman movie I just shrugged. I knew I was going to see it and probably not like it that much. After seeing the movie I realized I was wrong. I actually enjoyed it alot. It was a pretty solid movie. This was a comic book movie for people who read comics. It had everything:…

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