I Can’t Defy Defiance





I have a bad habit of staying up very late at night. When I stay up late I love to see what new shows are OnDemand. After a short 30 minute journey through 18,000+ titles that Comcast offers I came across SyFy’s new show Defiance. I heard about the show on a few commercials, but never thought twice about it. Well, I did think it was an interesting concept of having a TV show and a video game be linked together. So I said, “what the hell,” and decided to give it a try. I like science fiction and video games. So why not?



After watching the first episode I was sold. I thought that the concept of the show was great. Defiance is basically a Western set during a future where Earth has been transformed into an alien world. Seven different alien races landed in 2013 and terraformed the Earth to make it their new home. Flash forward to 2046 where a war torn Earth is inhabited by humans and aliens. Even though they live side by side, there is still a lot of tension and prejudice between all the races.  A lot of current movies and TV shows take place before or during an invasion. I appreciate that Defiance takes place three decades after an alien invasion. The show trickles little hints of information about years leading up to 2046, which gives the viewer a chance to put the pieces together.


The show has a big cast and they all fit well into the bigger picture. The inhabitants of the town of Defiance (formerly St. Louis) include: A hot head sheriff; young alien deputy with a mysterious past; a lovely prostitute that everyone desires; an alien crime lord; a wise-ass doctor; a new mayor trying to hold her town together. The cast all play well of one another and the chemistry between them doesn’t seemed forced.


Defiance isn’t perfect and won’t win any awards, but it does have the potential to become something much more. The creators of this show have unique vision and it’s wonderful to see it play out each week. I believe the show will only get better from here. Also, SyFy has picked it up for another season, so they must be doing something right.


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