My wash days vary from week to week depending on home much time I have and how I plan to style my hair. Below is the long version…meaning I used heat the previous week, have slept without a scarf, or have committed some hair sin.


In sections I:

  1. DSC_2833

    step 1: warm water rinse

    Warm water rinse

  1. Shampoo

    1. I will shampoo my scalp a section at a time. I section my hair in big twist, but i unravel and re-twist each of my 4 sections in this shower.

  2. Cleansing conditioner

    1. Shampoo only touches my scalp. I cleanse my hair with cleansing conditioner. I apply cleansing conditioner to the length of my hair and re-twist so the shower steam will work the product in.


      Step three: cleansing conditioner

  3. shower

    1. I hope you know how to do that

  4. Shampoo again

    1. I cleanse my scalp one more time

  5. Rinse cleansing conditioner

    1. While rinsing my finally round of shampoo I also rinse

      out my cleansing conditioner. I prefer to let it saturate as long as

      possible because I feel it produces the softest cleanest hair.

  6. Apply protein/cassia deep conditioner let saturate for 30 mins with heat or 1+ hour without under plastic bag

    1. DSC_2873

      Step 7: apply cassia


      step 7 apply cassia

      I apply in sections but I cover my hair with a plastic bag loose or in two big sections

  7. Rinse with warm water

  8. Apply moisture deep conditioner let saturate 30 mins with heat or 1+ hour without under new plastic bag

  9. rinse

  10. rest

  11. style


final rinse/texture shot


final rinse/texture shot


A lot of steps, huh? This routine passes quickly for me because I get work done under the dryer, but it still needs some work. What should I stay and what should go?



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