I Have A Stream: Independent Movies

Who needs a massive budget and fancy schmancy special effects to make a good movie? Yes. I was thinking George Lucas too. Well let’s take a trip away from Hollywood and head towards a place where movies are considered as art. These films show how much people can achieve with a small budget and creative vision. Enjoy!


1. Dead Man (1995)

This western stars Johnny Depp, and I’m not talking  about that ridiculous looking Lone Ranger crap. He plays William Blake, a man on the run after killing a man in self-defense. Soon this run turns into a vision quest and he encounters several interesting characters. There’s also a man in a dress played by Iggy Pop. That should be reason enough to watch this movie.

2. This Is England (2006)

I watched this movie a few years back and loved it. I usually recommend it to people when they want to see a good indie flick. It’s about a kid who joins a skinhead gang in England. For the most part they are non-violent, but that soon changes when the gang’s old leader comes back from prison. The acting and cinematography are very natural in this movie. This will make you completely forget that you’re even watching a movie.  A must watch.

3. Four Rooms (1995)

One movie with four very different stories. The movie is essentially four short films linked together by a bumbling bellhop named Ted. You’ll see him encounter witches, annoying kids, and even a dead hooker. Also, Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez direct two of the stories.


4. Clerks (1994)

Kevin Smith wrote and directed one of the best comedies ever with Clerks. I took me a long time to stop laughing after I first watched when I was 13. Not only is it funny, it also has a lot of charm and heart. If you haven’t seen it, you need to watch it ASAP.

5. Cashback (2006)

This is an amazing film about an artists that can use his mind to freeze time around him. He discovers this phenomenon during his late night job at a grocery store. This is the perfect movie to watch if you’re an artist or felt like you had no control over your life.


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