Hit and Miss Craigslist Friends Round 1

Because inquiring minds may one day want to know:

Craigslist ad was posted for 7 days

In that week I got 5 replies

I exchanged a total of 57 e-mails

I met 1 person

Those aren’t great numbers, huh?

Now what about the four people I didn’t meet?

  1. The copy and pasted reply. One person sent me a reply that was obviously generic as it responded to nothing in my post and was pretty general. I think she axed me off her friend this when I refused to share a picture. Call me a weirdo, but something about it made me uncomfortable. I also don’t have Facebook so I think she thought I was a creeper and blew me off.
  2. Too slow on the draw. One girl seemed cool, but after it took me 2 days to reply to her e-mail was just over it.
  3. My bad. I just discovered my reply was a draft and not sent.
  4. Too boring. After re-reading our e-mail thread I see I was just being too plain. How is school? What are you studying? Oh that is so exciting! Type of stuff. No wonder that kind of trailed off.

Lesson learned:

If you want to make friends on Craigslist.

Reply quickly, actually reply, be genuine and be willing to let some of it go.

I plan to repost the ad on Craigslist and see if I can meet another person face-to-face. I will also write a separate post about the one person I manged to meet, so stay tuned.


One comment on “Hit and Miss Craigslist Friends Round 1

  1. I feel your pain. I have been on Craigslist for over two weeks and all I’ve gotten back were replies from sex cam sites. It can be very frustrating but I am trying to have patience. Hang in there!

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