Doctor Who? What? Why? When? Where?

Fifty years ago a creepy science fiction serial aired on British television. It quickly became solely beloved by nerds and geeks in the United Kingdom. Over time, Doctor Who has gradually rooted itself in popular culture (still with nerds and geeks). Now this cult show is one of the most recognized shows on TV. Most of its popularity was gained after it was brought back in 2005. Since then, audiences have gone on many amazing journeys with three Doctors and his loyal (and attractive) companions.

Unfortunately, many newer fans haven’t experienced any of the adventures of the past eight Doctors. Episodes from the old series are the opposite of what they are now. Shows were slower paced and filled with campy costumes and crappy special effects. A lot of newer fans (including me at one point) find the old episodes hard to watch because of those reasons. I’ve seen a bunch of the old episodes and plan on watching more. I plan on writing reviews that answer the most important  questions: who, what, why, when, and where. Hopefully, these posts help other fans check out some of the old adventures of everyone’s favorite time traveling alien.


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