Doctor Who? What? Why? When? Where? – Kinda

Today’s adventure is titled Kinda. This Fifth Doctor story has mind possession, robots, and giant snakes. Enjoy!



The Fifth Doctor and with his companions Teagan, Adric, and Nyssa. Well Nyssa just pretty much sleeps through the whole episode.  The main villains are the Mara and Hindle.

Big guns never scare the Doctor.



The TARDIS gang lands on a planet where an Earth colony is at odds with the native tribe. Mysterious incidents occur that increase tensions between the two parties. The Doctor and his companions find themselves in the middle of the conflict. On top of that, Teagan becomes possessed by the Mara.

Ten Teagans Travel Through Time. I love alliteration.



Without giving away too much about Kinda, it has one of the best concepts in the old series. Peter Davison is great as the Doctor, as always. There is the introduction of the classic villains, the Mara. The real highlight of the episodes is the character Hindle. It’s an intriguing ride watching the character descend into insanity. In many ways the movie Avatar  rips off  heavily borrows from this story.



This story is set in the distant future where humans are able to colonize distant planets and create goofy squared robots.

That’s one intimidating robot.



The backdrop of the story is a jungle on the planet Deva Loka. Deep within this jungle are mystical secrets that will soon be revealed by the Doctor and his crew.


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