Top Coat for Textured Polish

Believe it or not my other 4 top coats weren’t getting the job done.

Enter my new love: Venique Top Coat 

At about [7.50-10] per [.50] per bottle this top coat goes the distance.

I purchased it because my [textured polish] collection grew and seemed to scoff at my other top coats I needed something else.

Venique is that something else it is friendly with those gelly/textured polishes meaning it coats every piece of glitter, feathers, felt, sand or whatever else you put in your paint. This coat adds an amazing shine that enhances the liveness of the polishes rather leaving a dull flat finish on what should be eye popping polish.

The top coat isn’t a quick dry, but dries completely in 5-7 minutes . The dry adds a rubbery like smoothness to the texture while still allowing the polishes dimension to show.

See what I mean?

Julie G’s crushed candy purple after two coats of Venique with and without flash, respectfully.

IMAG0334 IMAG0331

Have you tried this top coat or this brand?W hat did you think?


One comment on “Top Coat for Textured Polish

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