Blind Date Jackpot

Blind Date (U.S. TV series)

Blind Date (U.S. TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My first craigslist date was yesterday and though a made a host of social blunders it went well and I will tell you why in  a series of rambling list.

I was late:

  • I couldn’t decide what to wear. Normally a first date I would just show some cleavage, but that doesn’t do it for heterosexual women.
    • I decided to show of my really bright toenail polish instead
  • I got caught checking out my reflection.
    • my hair was stressing me out and i didn’t realize she was behind me
  • I couldn’t decide if my hair looked better up or down…meaning I took it down and put it up  repeatedly  .
    • It likely looked like I was playing with my hair.

Beyond me being a bit nervous things seemed to go well


  • She asked one question: what made you turn to craigslist, which led to
    • my love of thrifting–her love of saving–shifting social scene of twenty somethings–work–hobbies–boyfriends–marriage–feminism–etc
      • The conversation developed really naturally. I still talked over her at some points, but I tried to listen more than I talked

I’m a pretty awkward person in general and not in that comically TV way. I’m awkward in that uncomfortable sigh way


  • I kept trying to finish her thought and I never guessed right
    • outside of my tendency to talk over time I likely spend too much time with people I know really well giving me the belief I have the super power of reading minds
  • She hugged me at the end
    • I think the last women to hug me was my mother. Even that was a bit uncomfortable because like a true weirdo  I lean away for fear of women thinking I am accidentally groping them.

All that said I had a really good time. Do you think she’ll call?


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