UnBoxing The So Be Collection: SquareHue 6.13

IMAG0296As always my monthly Square Hue box arrived neatly packaged  with three .5oz colors.The box arrived June 4th meaning it took about 3 days to arrive.


This months color are:

Lincoln Road, Collins Avenue, and Ocean Drive

Noticing a theme here?

IMAG0301Lincoln is a milky grey that lays very smooth. Though this color doesn’t scream summer I think it would work well when you want a little umph to your neutral paint job or a high quality base for some nail art.Lincoln road


The Collins Avenue is reminds me of highlighter orange with the bright burst of color. The polish also contains a very slight shimmer thanks to the tinniest of reflective flakes. Indoors it doesn’t appear to shine but when paired with a great top coat and some sunlight this polish really shimmers. This may be my favorite color of this month’s collection and though I needed three coats for full coverage I love the vividness of this one!


Finally the Ocean Drive is somewhere between a more a powder/icey blue and a mint green that dries with a softness that is flirty and fun. A top coat really brings this one alive but i can see this as a year around shade because it is so close to a pastel. The name befits it well as it is relaxing like a drive near the ocean but is more mellow than the water. ocean drive

The box of course is [21.00 per month] including shipping and does not require a commitment. The formula works well with all top coats and base coats in my experience and goes on nicely. Lovin’ the variety.



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