Platonically Putting it Out “There”

I plan to start this adventure where most misadventures starts: craigslist.

In an effort to feel less like a use car salesman trying to sell damaged goods I tried to keep the post short and easy to read.

My craigslist ad will look something like this:

So lets see: I’ve got a boyfriend who I love, an apartment I need to clean, a library card I use  mostly for  Kindle check outs, running shoes I put about 10 miles on a week, bottles of nail polish I look at daily that I need to use and lust for draft beer I need to satisfy. Basically I’m an AA girl who has got it all with the exclusion of female friends ( which I guess would all exclude the use of the word all, huh?). After college most of friends relocated leaving me here with no one to indulge in girly/Chicagoy things.


I included a bullet list of some of my interest in case you’re too lazy to read paragraphs ( like me)

• I like museums

• I like to read ( [post] modern fiction)

• I like naps

• I like draft beer

o Light wheat beer

• I’m addicted to bread

• I enjoy deep conditioning my hair

• I like the color purple

• I love mozzarella sticks

• I drink, but I don’t smoke

• I have 6 stamps in my passport

• I run

o Not fast or well, but I try

• I am from Jersey

• I like make that love nail polish


What do you think? Would you reply to my ad?


I will also be replying to others ad. My method will be skipping right to the first date. Operation Friend Request in full effect


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