I’ve got a lot of great things going for me. I’ve got him, a library card, a bright nail polish collection, over 50 ounces of conditioner,a cool sister, and a cheap gym membership.  What is missing from this list is friends.


When I was in college and graduate school I had throngs of friends. Thanks to the social nature of school, I was constantly meeting new people, going new places and making friends. While my blogging counterpart and I still make it a point to visit new places, after graduation my friends scattered across the country and the ready-made social scene evaporated.

I assumed I would make friends at work and while I am on my way to having one work friend, I am ten years the junior to my co-workers and find it difficult to fully participate in conversations–you know because i am childless and like it that way.

Besides my young age the other complicating factor is my personality.

I am from New Jersey and live in Chicago.

For some of you the above sentence may give away the problem. For those who see those two locations as separated by distance read on.

  • I am loud, outspoken, sarcastic, slightly bitchy, direct.
  • jersey-girl-pic-300x261I talk a little fast. I slur my vowels. I answer questions with shrugs.
  • I love bagels and big hair.
  • I only wear sneakers to the gym.
    • Yes they are sneakers not tennis shoes and while I’m at it hot dogs go on rolls not buns.

All of this Garden State grown attitude doesn’t help me much since I live in Chicago, which is very much a midwestern city. People here tend to be more polite, speak clearly, care about others feelings, make small talk and not eat bagels.

Basically, I don’t fit in.

oh and I can be kind of a bitch.

But I’m going to change that with the help of you ( the wonderful blog reader) and the internet. This section will document my quest to make a new female friend! Essentially I’m going to attempt to date girls on the internet .

Stayed tuned for my adventures in friend dating as I reclaim the social scene.


2 comments on “Friend Request: An Introduction

  1. Ho. Ly. SHIT.

    We have so much in common, it’s not even funny…as a matter of fact, it’s a bit scary.
    I, also, had the same issue after and during graduate school, and I’m from New York and living in Michigan. And by the way, that cultural difference is REAL, and very difficult to overcome. Welcome to the land of the passive-aggressive where expressing your true opinion will render you an outcast!

    The funny part is that New York is to the east and slightly north of New Jersey, and separated by water…so is Michigan to Illinois.

    That is intense!

    I really want to follow your journey! I’m officially invested 🙂

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