Naked Nails: Slow and Steady

My nails are coming along, but lets be honest–they still look pretty bad naked.

I have been oiling my nails and cuticles regularly and it has helped the moisture level. As a result of regular use of coconut oil my cuticles are in good condition no major cracks or dry skin and I am hoping over time healthier cuticles will result in healthier nails. But when it comes to my nails these damn ridges have me at the edge of my sanity.

Yes there have been some improvement

  • no new peeling
  • no chipping

but as you can see by the staining on my nails, I still have ridges.

Left Hand:

IMAG0264 IMAG0270 IMAG0258

my nails are growing out thankfully, but I am still using the Ruby Stone to  get rid of the ridges. I am hoping another two weeks and  I will be ridge free.

Right Hand


I have been successfully with two of my nails, but I am still working on my pointer finger and middle finger. I have filed them all the way down in the hopes of regrowing them without ridges.

I will report back


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