Nail Art: A Lines with no accuracy tutorial

Steady hand not required!

As promised I am trying designs with less precision involved because, well, I’m not precise.

For this design you will need two colors and depending on your lust for adventure a small brush and an accent/stripper color.

[Step One]

Paint your nails a base color. I used Maybelline Color Show Azure Seas which I mentioned in a previous post


[Step Two]

After your base color is completely dry take your second color and paint a strip down the center

. sinful colors

The best thing about this is you don’t have to manipulate the brush at all. Just paint like you would paint a regular nail–make a glob at the base of your nail and stroke the brush up.

No accuracy required!

I used Sinful Colors Mint Apples

Now you can stop here or you can go on to [Step Three]

Get you favorite stripper.

stripper set up

I am using my Sally Hansen Silver Nail Are pen. But i didn’t want a solid line so I pumped out some of the color.

I placed the color in a .99 cent dish I picked up at Blick art store. I placed a small dab of sliver polish from the nail pen in the dish and used a smaller brush to created a broken line/polka dot type.

Now you could of course just make a solid line…that would make life easier.

Here is how mine turned out:


I got this design  from a much more developed nail blog.

Happy Polishing


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