Maybe Maybelline is okay: NOTD

You know when you have a burst of energy and you think to yourself ” I should do something?” Well to me that means making an impulse purchase!


So I went to CVS , for something completely unrelated, and picked up

[Maybelline New York Color Show Azure Seas]

The bottle is smaller than others at [.23 fl oz] and retails for [ 4.29]

I was really drawn to the blue when i saw it and i was feeling adventurous so I decided to take a risk on a brand I never used.

Later found out Kmart carries this line for 3.49 a bottle.

The [results]


The brush sits on a heavy circle base, but the post on which the brush is fairly short which made it a little difficult to use on my opposite hand.

I kept bumping into my nail tip with the brush base. ANNOYING

The color application was less annoying very  smooth and not runny.

No bubbles, No lumps, just nice a smooth paint job.

I used two coats and the dry time was about 5 minutes after the second application.


Edited to add:

This polish peeled off in a single day despite dazzle dry top and base coat. When I removed the polish it liquified and stained my hands/cuitcles. YUCK!


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