After Earfff: A Review In Five Questions

The Pursuit of Crappiness

Yesterday I went to see the new action packed “Smith & Son” sci-fi epic After Earth. In short I didn’t like it. I didn’t expect to like it because M. Night Shyamalan somehow got to direct this movie. Thank goodness I saw it afternoon or else I would’ve dozed off. Luckily, I stayed awake to think about some serious questions that arose during the film. This is my review in questions.

  1. Cypher (Smith) has the ability to suppress his fear. Why does that make him an emotionless jerk? I think his only fear was telling his son that he loves him.

  2. Where did Cypher go to the bathroom while sitting in the same chair for three days? Maybe he had no fear smelling like a dementia patient.

  3. If Kitai (&Son) was afraid of everything, why did he throw a rock into a ferocious, man-eating baboon’s face? Completely opposite of the character and very dumb.

  4. Are there no guns in the future? Guns would’ve really helped in that Ursa (big scary bad monster) problem.

  5. Why was earth populated with animals that were evolved to kill humans? The setting is one thousand years after humans leave earth. I’m pretty certain that the animals had no idea what a human looked liked.

Sure I have many more questions about this movie, but I’m just going to keep short and simple. I would not recommend going to see this movie. Very dull characters get thrown into an even duller movie. The top of this dull movie is peppered with bad CGI animals and silly “future” accents. I think this movie would be better if handled by another director or turned into a TNT mini-series.


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