Ruby Stone to the Rescue?

When the nail fanatic bug bit me I went on a polish hungry shopping spree. One stop on my quest for color domination was Sally’s. I came across the Ruby Stone ( also called the ruby crystal nail file) and was drawn to it because of the cute protective case and the low price. At Sally’s the Ruby Stone was 2.49. It wasn’t until much later  noticed how great the Ruby Stone was. Initially I didn’t like the Ruby Stone because it seemed to sharp or gritty .It reminded me of rubbing wood against the grain or something–just wrong and uncomfortable.

 I think it was just so different from my other emery boards, buffers and files, that I hard time adjusting.

However my issues with constant ridges led me to search for the sources of my problems. I came across many sites that indicated physical trauma may be a cause of constant tears, ridges, or nail splitting. While that seemed plausible, I  never thought my tools were causing me trauma.

Alas, my  buffers were thinning my nails leading to tears; my clippers were causing splits, so on and so on. My nails just couldn’t win.

I decided to ditch my old shaping tools and re-visit the Ruby Stone because I read it was the most gentle file on the cheaper side.

In my opinion The Ruby Stone’s results, price and durability gives glass files a run for their money. The Ruby Stone website claims the tool:

  • May be used in both directions

  • Dust from the crystals helps prevent splitting nail tips during filing

  • Special, rounded edge at the tip lets you to remove burrs, dirt and stains

  • Flat area near the tip gently and easily erases excess skin around the cuticle (when used with light, circular motions)

  • Reusable/washable


The crystals are of course synthetic and while i can’t speak for what chemical compounds make this work it can be used in both directions and is looking like magic my nails need.


In my naked nails series I will be chronicle my experience when using the Ruby Stone exclusively so check there for more information.


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