Nail Art: A tape tutorial

For this bit of nail art you will need: scotch tape, two beloved colors, a nail art pen and or a stripper color, and patience.

Step One: Paint your nail a base color.

IMAG0234I used Square Hue’s High School Crush from the February 2013 collection

Step Two:

Once nail is fully dry –and I mean fully otherwise the tape will bind and dry into he wet polish and there will be no separating them– apply tape.


With tape on use your second color, in this case Square Hue’s War time romance (2.13)– to paint the uncovered half of your nail.

Let this dry completely, otherwise the nail art pen will dig into the polish–craving through the damp paint ruining your paint job and creating a mesh on your pen.

Step Three:

Remove tape and use nail art pen to make a line.

IMAG0236Line is not straight, like mine? The nail art pen can cover  that up. IMAG0237.

Step Four:

You could stop here and have a Joker effect or you could add some more lines to spice things up. I went for more lines and ended up with this:

As I work on my nail art skills I will continue to use my soon to be growing collection of nail art pens. In addition I will try something other than lines so my mistakes won’t be as glaring. Happy polishing!




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