I Have A Stream: Cult Movies

This week’s theme is cult movies. They are small films with a big following. Here’s list of some of my favorites that are available on Netflix.


1. The Toxic Avenger (1985)

The Toxic Avenger

The Toxic Avenger (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Think of the most bizarre movie you’ve ever seen. Now have it set in New Jersey and you’ve got The Toxic Avenger. I loved The Toxic Avenger movies as a kid and recently rediscovered these cult classics thanks to Netflix. This movie has everything: over the top violence, raunchy nudity, romance, and pink tutus. You’ll mostly gasp and wonder how this movie got made. You might even want to write a strongly worded letter knowing that Toxic Avenger became a children’s cartoon. It’s an absurdly twisted, yet charming, 87 minute take on a misunderstood superhero.


2. The Evil Dead (1981)

Sounds familiar? This movie was recently remade/reimagined/rebooted into an all out cringe inducing gore-fest. While the original is not as gory, it is very creepy. The premise is your typical “teens trapped in a remote location,” but with the direction of Sam Raimi and the greatness of Bruce Campbell it makes the movie into something much more. The movie looks extremely low-budget because it was made for about half the amount of loose change one can find in their sofa. However, it adds a unique charm to the movie and pushes the creativity of everyones involved. Groovy.


3. Battle Royale (2000)

I’ll keep this simple, this movie was The Hunger Games before there was The Hunger Games. Battle Royale has everything you want to see in a Japanese movie. There’s action, drama, and even some romance. However, the main selling point is high schoolers killing each other in various horrific ways in order to survive. Unlike, The Hunger Games this movie doesn’t puss out.


4. The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across The Eighth Dimension (1984)

On paper this movie doesn’t make any sense at all. The movie’s hero, Buckaroo Banzai, is a neurosurgeon, physicist, and race car driver. Also, he’s a world famous rock star. Multitasking at its best. He has as many jobs as there are words in the film’s title. On top of all of this he has to save the world from evil aliens. Not much can get better than that.


5. Death Race 2000 (1975)


What’s better than driving at death defying speeds across open roads? Hitting innocent bystanders and getting rewarded for it. The title pretty much explains it all. There’s a race and death is in it. Also, it’s set in the far into the future in the year 2000 where death is televised for entertainment. Death Race surprisingly co-stars Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot actor Sylvester Stallone. Enjoy!


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