My Love Affair with Cassia

To apply it on the hair; Henna powder is mixed...

Cassia obovata or neutral henna is said to have all the benefits of henna–stronger, shinier, thicker hair without depositing color on darker hair shades.

I began using cassia obovata in November 2012 and have been using it weekly/bi-weekly.

Unlike others I don’t do cassia treatments, per say. Rather  I mix cassia into my normal deep conditioner and use it as a masque.

I purchased [ 200g Cassia Obovata Zenia Brand] for 7.50 + shipping on Amazon.


I use cassia [ from my ends to inch from my scalp]

I credit Cassia for [ thickening and strengthening my fine, fragile hair]

My Cassia mix is [ 1 cup of full fat greek, 1 tsp: olive oil, grape seed oil, castor oil, and 1/4 cup of black tea] these number fluctuate, but yogurt is key and too much oil makes for mix that doesn’t adhere to hair as well.


I leave my mixture on [ 30 mins- 1 hour] I will occasionally sit under the dryer if I am in a rush for time, but without heat I just add extra time on to the treatment.

I rinse my mixture with [ warm water submersion, conditioner saturation, shower head rinse]


I will use cassia until [ my hair grays and henna/indigo is introduced]image