Naked Nails: Ridge Reduction

ridge reduction2

I’m one week strong with oiling my nails and have even taken my vitamins for a few days.

In the past week I can proudly say I have no chips and no peeling, which is huge for me. I still have ridges, which I plan to slowly file out. I am considering buying the entire Ruby Stone system, but before I jump completely on the bandwagon I wanted to give the file a one month run.

While I work on getting rid of my unsightly ridges I thought i would google what causes the split level nail.


My uneven nail tips may be a result of:
  • Malnutrition
  • Dehydration
  • Lack of moisture to target area
  • Age
  • Physical trauma


I doubt I am malnutrition. I could stand to drink more water, but I think it is combination of moisture and physical trauma.  Physical trauma sounds serious, right? But for nails that could mean something as simple as picking at labels on bottles.

 In my quest for blog worthy nails I will continue oiling my nails and staying trauma free.

Today I repainted and snapped some quick pics of my naked nails.



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