CoCo Castor Pudding Review

Etsy said I might like this and Etsy was right!

[Product Name]:CoCo Castor Pudding

[Product Price]: $10.00

[Product Size]: 8 ounces

 Ingredients]:Purified water, Coconut & Castor Oil, Agave Nectar, Mango Butter,BTMS (emulsifier), Cetyl Esters ( thickener)  Candelilla Wax, Vegetable Glycerin, Coconut Milk, Agave Nectar, Potassium Sorbate, Optiphen ( paraben free preservative), fragrance and inner beauty.


[Product Directions]: Apply to wet hair after you have washed and conditioned. Style as desired.

[Products Claims]:The perfect synergy of a styling aid and moisturizer!The pudding is great for waves, twists, braids, taming edges/frizz and protective styles.

[Product Scent]:Coconut like 

[Product Consistency]: Pudding is the perfect name for this because it is somewhere between a yogurt and pudding consistency. The mixture spreads well in your hands and lends to easy distribution.  Leaves no sticky film.

[Product Realities]: This product can be used on wet or dry hair as it is non-faking, but I find it best on damp hair. I am a rollerset girl and us this to give a little life to my pin curls at times, but I mostly use it for my mini protective styles.

 Once my set falls and I am not feeling like bunning I twist or braid my hair and pin it up. I use this after misting my dry hair with my leave in and water mix. I then use a about a quarter and dime size (35 cents)

amount of this product from ends to about an inch from roots and style. I leave the twist or braids in for 2-3 days and then where my hair down.


The resulting twist/braid out is always light and molded–never crunchy or flaking.  Admittedly the out style will only last for two days because the hold is so light. Howev

er, that doesn’t bother me because as the pattern falls it is soft, moisturized and smells good.


I would repurchase because:

  • The vendor was very responsive and polite and has occasional sales.

  • The products fits my need for a moisturizer with a light hold.


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